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Firework Fun app review: celebrate with fireworks



When it comes to holidays there is no better way to celebrate than with fireworks. The Firework Fun app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone gives you a way to enjoy your own firework display any time you like. You will be able to set off your own fireworks in this game that offers three modes of play, all of which feature the trademark sounds and colors of fireworks. The whole app has an arcade feel to it, which is a whole lot of fun and a throwback to some of the most favorite games.

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Firework Fun


Set Off the Fireworks

As mentioned there are three modes in this game which are show mode, fun mode, and arcade mode. No matter which one you select you are in for fabulous sounds and bright and colorful light displays. There are achievements you can unlock along the way, 20 in total, and the app supports multiple Leaderboards. What this means is that you can challenge a friend or play against other players from around the world. When you get those really high scores that you're proud of you can post your score right to Twitter from within the app.

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The fireworks have a very realistic feel and look about them. They actually use randomized physics, which put simply means each one has its own look just like the real thing. They don’t feel contrived or fake.


Playing the Game

The three modes of play keep the game fun. In show mode it's all about relaxing and watching an incredible firework display. It is an automated mode that just provides you with a firework show. In fun mode you are making your own unique display. Arcade mode can be played in easy or hard when it comes to difficulty and you are working to get as many points as possible.

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This app is a new release so right now there aren’t any customer ratings but I’m sure it won’t take long for them to start coming in. I find the app to be quite simple in its gameplay but that’s not a bad thing. This is ideal for casual fun gameplay. The graphics aren’t incredible but they are fun and have that arcade feel. The sound effects are realistic and the music is cute too. The game is easy enough to play and understand that any age group could have fun with this one, even kids.


Firework Fun


Pros and Cons


  • Fun and simple gameplay
  • Three modes of play
  • Ideal for all ages, even kids
  • Fun and realistic sound effects
  • Cool graphics with an arcade feel
  • Ideal for casual gameplay
  • Supports Leaderboards



  • It may seem too simple and not challenging for some
  • The colors could be a bit brighter/more vivid


Final Thoughts

The Firework Fun app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a really fun way to enjoy a firework display any old time you feel like it. It’s easy to play, great that it supports Leaderboards, and even the kids can play this game.


Firework Fun

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