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Voxeet Conferencing app review: hold conference calls with ease



If you're looking for a way to improve your conference calls when it comes to audio then we have an option that may work for you. The Voxeet Conferencing app for your iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone is all about making conference calls simple and incredibly clear thanks to the 3DHD audio. The goal is that your conference calls become much more productive thanks to the fact you won’t be missing words or full sentences at a time. Let's not forget to mention that the app for conference calls features a user interface that is fully customizable and intuitive.

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Voxeet Conferencing


Make Each Call Productive

Whether you work in a small-to-medium-sized office or have a home-based business, if you take part in conference calls then you know exactly how important good quality sound is to have for your calls. The last thing you want is to be repeating things over and over and waste each other's time in the process.  As mentioned the app makes use of 3DHD audio and a number of user-friendly features all designed to make this a seamless experience. What's great is that there is no need for PIN or dial-in numbers with this app; instead, it uses a quick and easy set-up that anyone can do.

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In order to start your conference call it takes one click, and that's it. You can even transfer live calls straight from your computer to your Smartphone device so you can be mobile.

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Consistency, Quality, and Features

There seems to be a few key aspects in this app which are: an emphasis on consistency no matter which device you are using, a high level of audio quality, and an impressive feature list to round out the offering. It comes as no surprise at all that this app enjoys a 4.5 star rating from customers. What I appreciate is the fact the app feels so professional and performs so well yet the user interface is designed to be easy enough for anyone to use.

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Taking a closer look at some of the notable features you will be able to tell who is speaking at all times thanks to the fact that you are able to use avatars for each person in the conference. Voxeet can be set up to notify you and the participants of an upcoming call, you can take part in a private two-way conversation during a conference call, and you can leave a conference open all day.

Consistency, Quality, and Features image

Voxeet Conferencing


Pros and Cons


  • Packed full of customization features and tools
  • Always know who is speaking thanks to individual caller avatars
  • High quality crystal-clear sound
  • Seamlessly transfer live calls from your computer to your mobile device


  • Some people were having stability issues, which seem to have been addressed in the latest update

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Final Thoughts

The Voxeet Conferencing app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone provides users with a seamless and high-quality option when it comes to voice conferences.

Voxeet Conferencing

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