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Best Phone Security Pro app review: find out who is trying to break into your mobile device-2021



If you’re concerned about someone trying to break in to your iPhone and iPad then be sure to download this tool which is comparable to an avast mobile security pro app. This tool contains a handful of great features that will alert you to a break-in attempt, as well as providing a photograph and the location of the intruder. All great features for a name that might not be as recognizable as an avast iPhone app

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I’m sure we’ve all had that panicky moment where we think we’ve lost our iPhone and suddenly start worrying about a complete stranger thumbing through our pictures, message logs, and whatever else might be on the device.

Idea behind this app gains more value gradually, as progressive development of mobile devices in our world never seizes to advance in sophistication and functionality, mobile access to bank accounts and various virtual valets already being everyday routine, this avast mobile security app for iPhone became one of the best means of protection you privacy in case of emergency.

This genre of security apps seems to be growing in popularity recently, and I can definitely see the appeal, so be sure to check out this utility if you’d like a little extra peace of mind than your device alone can deliver. 

Best Phone Security Pro


Let People Know Your Phone Has Been Stolen

The most basic security aspect of Best Phone Security Pro is that you can keep everything safe and secure with either passcode protection or pattern code protection. If someone tries to break in and enters the wrong code, you can be alerted by an alarm sound.

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There are also four different alarm sounds that you can choose from, with the added bonus of even being able to record your own. I like the idea of having it say something like: “This phone has been stolen! This phone has been stolen!” over and over again!

Let People Know Your Phone Has Been Stolen image

Find Out Who the Thief Is

Break-in attempts are recorded in a few different ways. Firstly, they will display as notifications or badge icons, and secondly, you’ll receive GPS information informing you as to the intruder’s whereabouts.

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This app will also use your device’s integrated camera to snap a sneaky shot of the intruder, meaning that you’ll have not only their location but their identity too!

I have never came across an avast mobile security pro review written by legit lawyer covering any relation between actual criminal laws and possibility to use GPS tracking data and snapshots collected by this avast iPhone app, but I myself will definitely prefer having this options in case of crime happened.

All in all, this is a very well-developed app, albeit with a very basic purpose. I think you’ll find it to be more than adequate for, at the very least, letting people know that your device has been stolen when someone tries to start using their ill-gotten new iPhone!

Find Out Who the Thief Is image

Best Phone Security Pro


Pros and Cons


  • Keep your mobile device content safe and sound with either passcode or pattern code protection
  • Enable an alarm that will sound upon a break-in attempt
  • Snap a photo of the intruder with your device’s integrated camera
  • Choose from four different security alarm sounds or record your own custom sound
  • Use your device’s integrated GPS to determine the intruder’s location


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

There isn’t really anything more for me to say about Best Phone Security Pro. It is a very simple iPhone and iPad app which does its job nicely, and makes it very easy to set up the aforementioned security measures.

Best Phone Security Pro

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