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Tempo Magic Pro app review: change the BPM of any music track-2020



Whether you’re a runner, a DJ, or just curious, this is a very interesting little tempo app for your iPhone and iPad that you can use to adjust the tempo of any audio track without affecting its pitch at all; perfect for syncing up songs for seamless playback.

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Change the BPM of your music with the Tempo Magic Pro. This slow down music app is perfect for Runners, Cyclists, DJs, Music Instructors and Dance Instructors or anyone who wants to move to their own beat.

I really like the idea behind this bpm app and I can see it having great usage for those of you who exercise on a regular basis. I’ve never been a fan of ‘remixes’ of songs but this could make for some very interesting up-tempo versions of ballads and other slower pieces of music.

On the other hand, you could slow down some otherwise upbeat tracks to see what they sound like brought way down to a lower tempo. Either way, I think you’ll find this app to be entertaining and incredibly useful overall. 

Tempo Magic


Marching to a Different Beat

Tempo Magic Pro is capable of accessing any and all non-DRM audio files directly from your iTunes Music Library before presenting you with options for adjusting their tempo without making any changes to their pitch.

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This is great because it means that you won’t be turning your favorite singers into horrible squeaky, high-pitched sounds (although I guess that might be pretty funny to some).

Tempo Magic, like one the best bpm apps, lets you speed up or slow down the BPM (Beats Per Minute) of any song on your iPod without messing with the pitch. This slow down music app features Gapless Playback for gapless albums and playlists so the beat never stops.

Marching to a Different Beat image

Create a Playlist With Uniform BPM

I think my favorite feature in this app is the BPM Lock Mode. With this, you can take playlist filled with songs that have all kinds of different tempos and then “lock” them all to a specific tempo of your choice, allowing for more or less gapless playback.

What’s more, you’ll be pleased to know that background audio playback is also fully supported. This allows you to continue listening even with the app minimized and your device locked, which is perfect for runners and gym-goers.

Create a Playlist With Uniform BPM image

Tempo Magic


Pros and Cons


  • Change the tempo of any audio track without affecting its pitch
  • Plays all unprotected audio files directly from your iTunes Music Library
  • Change the tempo of tracks at any time
  • BPM Lock Mode allows you to take a playlist with multiple tempos and play it at the BPM of your choice
  • Use Hi-Fi Mode to slow or speed up tracks by 50 percent
  • Use the BPM Tapper to finely tune the BPM of each track
  • Play songs at random with Shuffle Mode
  • Background audio playback allows you to continue listening even with the app minimized and your device locked
  • Compatible with Nike+ and Bluetooth Audio
  • Synchronize the app with your Yes! Fitness Music Cloud account


  • This is a very well developed app and a great idea overall but I think a price tag of around $2.99 would be a little more appropriate

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Tempo Magic Pro could stand to be a touch cheaper, but aside from that I would very strongly recommend this iPhone and iPad app. Be sure to check it out!

Tempo Magic

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