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Star Trek Comics app review: another comics app but this time revolving around Star Trek



I’ll be honest with you straight away: I have never really gotten into Star Trek. I always was a Star Wars boy (and still am!) but Star Trek never really did it for me. Why, I don’t know, but most of my good friends are really into Star Trek and always try to make me watch movies and series from this classic franchise. The franchise itself has spawned many different things, amongst others movies, different series set in different parts of space, action figures, and what I found out today, a comic book series. For these comics, there is now an app available called Star Trek Comics. This app, developed by IDW Publishing is designed for both iPad and iPad and uses Comixology to track purchases.

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Star Trek Comics


What it Offers

I was so surprised as to how many different comics there are available in this franchise. It seems like every part of the canon is represented by a comic and there are so many of them I don’t think anyone can read all of them ever (I have the same feeling about the TV series). The art style of the comics are not really my favorite, but since they are consistent over most of the comics, I think  Star Trek fans might really like this semi-realistic look of the comics. As the comics aren’t interactive, there is no sound in the app at all, but you don’t need to have sound to really enjoy a comic.

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Free Comics and the Price of Other Issues

As with most of these comic apps, you need to have an account to be able to download any comics, including the few free ones that the app has to offer. You can sign up from within the app, and the company that handles all these account is called Comixology that most of the comic book fans will be used to using. This account spans over a lot of different comic book apps, so you don’t have to create a new one for every app. Most of the paid for comics will set you back $1,99.

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Star Trek Comics


Pros and Cons


  • Use your Comixoly account to download comics
  • As many Star Trek comics you could ever read
  • A few free issues



  • A hit-and-miss art style



This is an app that every self-respecting Star Trek fan must own. Even if it’s for the free comics, having a Comixology account will always be handy. The art style of the comics is not really my taste, but Trekkies might like this as it follows the realistic style of the movies and the TV shows. The app is compatible with both iPad and iPhone and iss just under 50 MB. Comics need to be downloaded before they can be read. These will set you back about $1.99 per issue.


Star Trek Comics

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