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RecordMyTrip app review: a video journal for your travel adventures



Whether you travel often for business purposes or you're going around the world for a backpacking adventure, RecordMyTrip is one app that you should install on your iPhone or iPad and take with you.

There are plenty of video journaling apps in the market, but this one sets itself apart by leveraging all the iOS technology, such as the GPS and gyroscope, to organize your video travelogue in a helpful, uncomplicated, and intuitive manner.

You can purchase this app for 99 cents in the Travel section of the App Store. The price seems fair considering there are no advertisements that sully the beautiful interface.

Let's take a look at how this app works.

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Your Very Own Travelogue

Those who travel often and enjoy recording videos of special places will be intimately familiar with the hassle of organizing these videos after the trip is over. It's not always easy to recall the location you were in when something beautiful caught your attention and evoked a desire to capture the moment on video.

When you launch RecordMyTrip, you'll see a map of the world with the continents laid out clearly. When you use this app to take videos, you'll need to tap on the Add Video icon at the bottom left. The app will use location services to triangulate your city and area, automatically going into the continent, country, state, and then city in which you are located.

You can proceed to shoot the video as usual and it will be saved with the geotag of your location. You can also add a short description of the video to help you remember its details.


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Integrated GPS Triangulation
Integrated GPS Triangulation

Organizing & Reviewing

The number of videos you've taken in any continent will be displayed on the world map. Once you've gone on a few adventures and added a few videos, you'll find that you can easily relive your trip to South America, the visit to New York City by simply tapping on your desired location. You will also be able to easily switch between videos within a city by swiping the scroller at the bottom or go to a different city by locating and tapping it on the interactive map.

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If you wish to clear out the videos from your iOS device and back them up on your PC or Mac, you can do so through iTunes. All the videos will be segregated into different folders, one for each location, and the file names will be the same as the short description you enter when you save the video.


Zoom View
Zoom View



Pros & Cons


  • Find each video by using a map to navigate to the city where the video was taken
  • Easily switch between videos in a city, or switch from city to city on the map
  • Record high-quality videos with audio
  • Add a description to help you remember what the video was about
  • Connect your phone to a computer and retrieve your videos with iTunes


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app


Main Interface
Main Interface

Final Words

If you're the kind of person who takes plenty of videos on the iPhone or iPad, and you're planning to go on vacation, you should consider purchasing RecordMyTrip. It is sure to help you organize your videos in a simple and effective way as you work on a pleasant-looking interface.



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