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Mophie outdoor app review



One of the most useful tools to have with you when camping or hiking is a GPS device to ensure you're never going to get lost. The mophie outdoor app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and turns your device into a GPS unit. Now you can take that hike and camping trip and know you'll never get turned around or lost. The app claims to provide you with as many features and uses as a full GPS unit that can run up to $700. So let's take a look at this rather lofty claim.

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mophie Outdoor


Why Use the App

So what is the reason for using the mophie outdoor app? Well cost savings is a pretty big factor as you can save a lot of money by opting for this app rather than a fancy new GPS unit. You will be able to make use of more than 650,000 map images that offer high-definition of off road loops, mountain biking trails, and hiking all across the U.S. You can save tracks anytime you like and there is no limit on how many you save; you can also geo-tag photos, and save place marks.

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While the app is free if you want to have access to the full content you'll need to make an in-app purchase. This is provided as a one-year subscription for $29.99, and from there you can renew for six months for $9.99 or 12 months for $14.99. The app currently has three out of five stars so there is clearly some room for improvement still. It seems like you need to be a bit careful about the in-app purchases as some users have experienced issues with it.

The app is fairly easy to navigate
The app is fairly easy to navigate

Features and Tools

It should be noted that the maps in the app cover the United States only and with your subscription you will have access to five million square miles of maps. You will be able to use WiFi and Bluetooth to import adventures, you can share your journeys on Facebook and email, and you can zoom on the trail level all the way down to 1:8000 scale.

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I find the app quite easy to use but I think where this one suffers is in its pricing structure. It seems pretty high considering you can find a lot of other apps that offer these types of services and information for either less money or free. This app needs to offer some unique features in order to justify the cost, which I don't feel it does.

Make use of the tutorial
Make use of the tutorial

mophie Outdoor


Pros and Cons


  • The app is fairly user-friendly
  • The app covers five million square miles worth of maps across the United States
  • Acts as a GPS unit while out hiking, biking, and camping
  • You can save trails and positions
  • You can import adventures by WiFi or Bluetooth


  • There seems to be some issues when the in-app purchases are made
  • The app only covers the United States
  • The pricing structure feels quite high

mophie outdoor screenshot
mophie outdoor screenshot

Final Thoughts

The mophie outdoor app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is meant to provide you with all the features you need in a GPS unit but I feel as though this one leaves users less than impressed.


mophie Outdoor

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