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Beautiful weather app review: with SFX and more



Beautiful weather is a charming weather forecasting app for iPhone and iPad that offers some fairly basic weather reporting but more than makes up for its lack of detail by presenting you with gorgeous visuals and the surprising addition of sound effects to accompany the information.

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This is definitely a great app for any of you who want a weather forecasting utility that provides a little more than just boring old facts and figures, so if you like to see and even hear the weather as its being reported to you then I think you’ll find Beautiful weather to be just fantastic.

Gorgeous Weather Imagery

Making a wonderful addition to the Weather category of the App Store is the rather aptly-named Beautiful weather, which provides weather forecasts for more than 2.5 million locations around the world, accompanied by animated visuals and sound effects.

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As you would expect from an app like this, you can use your device’s integrated GPS to easily find weather information for your local area, and you’ll find information such as temperature, wind conditions, and so on.

Gorgeous presentation of the weather
Gorgeous presentation of the weather

Basic But Beautiful

Beautiful weather also provides some fairly basic analytical data of weather information, including maximum, minimum, and average readings of wind and temperature for each day.

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What’s more, this app also lets you customize the home screen by choosing from 18 different weather scenes, which I think works very effectively to further add to the aesthetic appeal. Either way, I think you’ll thoroughly enjoy using this as your source of meteorological information.

GPS integration
GPS integration

Pros & Cons


  • View weather forecasts with animated visuals
  • Also includes Weather Tones to play sound effects accompanying your weather forecasts
  • Use your device’s integrated GPS to easily find weather information for your local area
  • Provides coverage for more than 2.5 million locations around the world
  • Provides temperature, wind conditions, and more
  • Includes maximum, minimum, and average readings for each day
  • Choose from 18 different weather scenes to use as your home screen


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Includes sound effects
Includes sound effects

Final Words

Beautiful weather is well worth installing on your iPhone and iPad if you’re bored of the same old generic weather forecasting apps that are scattered throughout the App Store, so it definitely receives my recommendation.


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