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Steplt app review: who knew you could say so much



Imagine if you could say anything on your mind with just three steps and that's it. The Steplt app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone tackles this challenge and comes out winning. Users will be able to answer any question, share thoughts, be romantic, or even make someone laugh using three steps. This is a very unique and fun app that definitely deserves checking out. So how exactly will you be able to share this information? By photos, colors, and images making for a very visual experience.

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A New Spin on Visualization

You've heard of visualizing your thoughts, answers, and questions before but the Steplt app puts a whole other and much more literal spin on it. With this app you can answer any question you like by following three easy steps. You will start by picking your background, upload a picture, and then change the colors. It's that simple. Next you can share your rather visual message by email, Twitter, or Facebook. The entire process takes literally seconds from start to finish.

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The app is free to use however there are a number of in-app purchases which are your premium features. In order to import images you'll need to make a $0.99 purchase and you can change colors by making a $0.99 in-app purchase. It has recently gone through some pretty significant updates including a new editing button to manage and delete steps, a new color to use (grey), bug fixes, a Facebook link button, and the premium features tab where you can upgrade the app.

Convey any message you want using three steps
Convey any message you want using three steps

Meeting its Goals

It seems the Steplt app is really meeting the goals it has set out to achieve because users are thrilled with the offering. In fact the app is currently enjoying an almost perfect 4.5 out of five star customer rating. Users have described it as motivational, awesome, beautiful, and of course fun. For me its all about the simplicity of the app. It's a really easy concept to understand and then make use of and before you know it you're hooked and sharing all kinds of answers and thoughts through Steplt.

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What is really cool about the app is that it offers so many different functions and uses. There is so much you can convey through photos and because you can also add text to the message then the message is more than clear.

Share you message with friends and family
Share you message with friends and family



Pros and Cons


  • The app is very easy to use
  • Conveying your answers, thoughts, information, and more takes mere seconds
  • Import images, change the background color, and more
  • Share your finished product by email, Twitter, and Facebook


  • In order to have full access to the features you'll need to make a couple of in-app purchases

StepIt screenshot
StepIt screenshot

Final Words

The Steplt app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a really beautiful way to share messages with friends and family and can give your message all-new meaning.



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