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Castle Monster app review



Castle Monster is an iPad and iPhone game in which you have to get your cute blue monster from the start to the key and to the exit door. The on-screen controls are easy to use, but the game is quite difficult.

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Castle Monster


Difficulty is Quite High

I don’t claim to be an expert videogame player by any means but Castle Monster had me repeating the early levels over and again to get to the dungeon door. The monster slides a bit when you get him to stop, so even if you are just edging along, you can count on him taking at least two steps further than where you took your finger off of the arrow. Additionally, the little guy can’t jump very high, nor is wall jumping an option.

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That being said, you can use boxes to block the spikes, and to jump higher. I found that even though I couldn’t progress through the level, I wanted to beat the darn thing! It appears easy enough, but it would take me over 10 tries to complete the eighth level, and that seems a bit ridiculous.

Overall Game Play

The game has a right and left arrow, as well as an up arrow to jump your monster. You jump from platform to platform, avoiding the spikes and the pits so that you can continue on your mission to unlock all of the dungeons. Collect stars and find the key to open the door. The concept is simple enough, but actually accomplishing this is easier said than done.

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There are also limited instructions. Fortunately I was able to figure out the first level because my kids are click happy and I didn’t get to read the how-to. As new elements are introduced, there are blurbs at the beginning of the level for you to read and dismiss. In theory this means that you have read, understood, and are ready to utilize the new tool. It could just be me, but it took me six tries to figure out that if I didn’t push the long block out all the way I could use it as a plank to get closer to the next platform.

Castle Monster


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Very fun and addictive
  • Have to think about what you’re doing to get the monster up the platforms
  • Challenging


  • May be too difficult for some without patience and perseverance

Final Thoughts

Castle Monster is an iPad and iPhone game that allows the player to solve problems as they climb up out of the castle dungeon. The levels require perseverance to keep trying, and while this may frustrate some, I also appreciate it as compared to the levels in other games where very little effort is required. Overall, I will be keeping this game on my iPad for my kids to play, and I don’t mind it either!


Castle Monster

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