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Electro Jewels app review: a jeweled puzzle



Puzzle games are the type that really draw you in and are pretty much addictive from the moment you launch them. The Electro Jewels app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is no different in that regard as you get sucked in by the gems and jewels as you try to combine them and create a matching pattern and color. In this game you will of course be working to match the jewels but what really stands out here and makes the game extra challenging is the fact it moves so fast. 

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Electro Jewels


Launch the Action

The Electro Jewels app is one that doesn’t disappoint when it comes to action. This game moves very fast, which is part of what makes it so challenging. The goal of this game is to combine the jewels and match up the color and pattern as fast as possible. The game is very easy to understand but succeeding in it is pretty tough. If you move too slowly the jewels will fill the screen and then it’s the end of the round. This game doesn't use confusing game controls, targeting, or even much of a strategy, making it ideal for casual gameplay.

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This game is a brand-new release so with that in mind it doesn't have any updates, a customer rating, or customer comments at this time.

A very involved tutorial
A very involved tutorial

Matching Up the Jewels

The Electro Jewels app really delivers when it comes to action. To add to the challenge the app also supports Game Center so that you can see where you sit in the rankings. If you feel like you are stuck when it comes to your score and you aren't sure how to improve, it's time to start watching for power-ups for that extra boost. You can get competitive with your friends by checking out how they've done in a comparison table. This game is all about quick reflexes and attention to details so you that you are matching the right jewels together. The graphics are just average and so are the sounds, but this certainly doesn't hurt the game.

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When you launch the app you are taken to a tutorial on the goals of the game, the controls, and the points system. I have to say the instructions lose me a bit as there is more there than I was expecting. It certainly didn’t take me long to fill up the screen and find my round was over.

Hurry and make your matches before filling the screen
Hurry and make your matches before filling the screen

Electro Jewels


Pros and Cons


  • Challenging and fast-paced gameplay
  • The app supports Game Center
  • There is a tutorial to explain all the rules
  • The game controls are simple to understand


  • The tutorial feels a bit overwhelming, there are a lot of rules
  • The game moves extremely fast

Compete with your friend
Compete with your friend

Final Thoughts

The Electro Jewels app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is meant to give players a true challenge and in that sense it succeeds. This game is fast-paced, features simple controls, and will have you hooked pretty much instantly.


Electro Jewels

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