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Tilly Witch app review: bringing the classic back



There are plenty of modern books and movies for kids to enjoy that focus on Halloween but how about bringing back a classic to enjoy with your child? The Tilly Witch app can be enjoyed on your iPad and follows Tilly Witch who is experiencing a bit a of a problem: she has forgotten how to be mean. In order to jog her memory she needs to head back to witches school and learn what makes a perfect witch. Kids can join Tilly Witch on her journey to stop being a happy witch; do you think she'll succeed?

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Tilly Witch


Curing Herself of Happiness

The Tilly Witch app is a really fun story that takes a look at Tilly Witch who is trying to "cure" herself from being known as the happy witch. It is based on the book by Don Freeman, so you may already be familiar with the story. The story is ideal for kids five and under, with child-friendly content that won't be scary for them. The app has educational as well as entertainment value as it's great for word and image association. This is the way kids start to learn how to read and really build their vocabulary.

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The app hasn't been updated in quite some time but that hasn't slowed it down when it comes to the customer ratings. This app enjoys a customer rating of 4.5 out of five stars. It doesn’t have any customer comments at this time, but its rating speaks volumes.

Enjoy fun illustrations
Enjoy fun illustrations

The Reading Experience

The Tilly Witch app has a number of features to point out including the fact that it offers three different reading modes. There is auto play in which the story will be read to your child and the pages will automatically advance; in read to me mode the story is read to the user but he or she needs to advance the page and he can interact with objects on the page; and there is read myself where kids can read on their own and touch a word when they need a little help figuring it out. The app also features text highlighting so when the word is read to your child, it is highlighted, again helping her to build her vocabulary.

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A fun feature is that parents or kids can record themselves reading the story and use that in the read to me and auto play modes.

Pick your reading mode
Pick your reading mode

Tilly Witch


Pros and Cons


  • The app is child-friendly
  • The story features fun and engaging artwork
  • There are three different modes to choose from
  • Words are highlighted as they are read
  • There are interactive elements on the pages
  • Kids or parents can record themselves reading the story so that can be used as the “narrator’s” voice


  • The app hasn’t been updated in quite some time
  • There aren’t many activities for kids

Tilly Witch screenshot
Tilly Witch screenshot

Final Words

The Tilly Witch app for your iPad gives kids a chance to enjoy a classic story in a modern way. The story is well-illustrated and you’re given a nice variety of customization features.


Tilly Witch

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