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Witches Tarot app review: time to read the cards 2021



Tarot cards can be interesting, illuminating, and even a bit scary and now you can enjoy all then entertainment they offer right on your mobile device.

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The Witches Tarot card reading app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and provides users with an updated take on the classic RWS imagery. This tarot horoscope app has been modernized in order to showcase today's practices and beliefs.

Don't worry, you don’t have to be a practicing Wiccan or Witch to use this deck because this offering is built for everyone from a professional reader to a beginner just starting out.

Check out our Witches tarot app review for more details and to see if it's one of the best tarot apps on the iOS.

Witches Tarot


Launch Some 21st Century Magic

With the Witches Tarot app you'll be able to enjoy a little 21st century magic with cards that offer symbolic elements that actually help to strengthen the meaning of the card and assists you with reading them easier.

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Each of the cards can be enjoyed in full-screen and the images are sharp, vibrant, and all HD. There are 14 spreads that are already built into the app and you can even design your very own personalized layout using free form.

It’s your choice on whether or not you want to use reverse cards or not, again customizing the app further.

In the app's most recent update there were a number of small bug fixes made and the app is now able to support iOS 8. It looks like the developer understands its customers really well as this app has a perfect five star rating from users. 

Scrolling through the comments they have left, it seems the graphics/imagery are exceptionally well-done and the app itself performs smoothly.

Launch Some 21st Century Magic image

Reading the Cards

Because the Witches Tarot app is meant for both professionals and beginners, the user interface has been made to be incredibly simple and smooth. It feels modern, responds well, and is easy to navigate, which is just what users are looking for.

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Some of the features/tools include using optional voice prompts, there is an animated effect used when shuffling and cutting the deck, you can zoom in to see the cards even better, you can customize your reading cloths and the card meanings, and you can use just the Major Arcana if you choose. Your readings can be shared on Twitter, Facebook, and by email.

It seems like this app makes for a really nice place to begin when it comes to tarot cards. Users are treated to a very professional, beautiful, and engaging experience.

Reading the Cards image

Witches Tarot


Pros and Cons


  • A beautiful and modern user interface that is user-friendly
  • Full screen HD cards with beautiful imagery
  • Plenty of ways to customize the cards and your experience
  • Share readings by email, Twitter, and Facebook
  • The app can be used by professionals and beginners


  • There had been some minor glitches and issues which appear to have all been worked out

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Witches Tarot app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a beautiful introduction to tarot card reading or advanced enough for professionals to use. This one feels very sleek, modern, and smooth and gives the user plenty of ways to customize it.

Witches Tarot

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