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CheeseLog app review: a logging app for cheese lovers



CheeseLog is an app that allows you to log the various parameters of the cheeses you taste on the most handy devices in the world: the iPhone and iPad.

What we have here is a very simple and straightforward app that lets you quickly and easily input the various parameters and qualities of your cheese for recording and logging purposes, and take a little photo to boot!

This app can be found in the Lifestyle section of the App Store, and it's available for 99 cents. Let's take a look at its features to see if it's worth the cost.



Say Cheese!

CheeseLog enables its users to log the various parameters of the cheeses they taste. This includes everything from the date to the title of the cheese, their personal rating, and milk used. Next the users can enter the sensory experience including the appearance, feel flavor, and more. A photograph can also be added.

Finally, users can easily share their cheesy experiences with their friends via Facebook.

It's a great idea to have a cheese log on one's iPhone or iPad as it serves as a rather handy tool for the cheese enthusiast. Unfortunately, I don't believe this app is quite as good as it could be, and here's why.

Chronological entries
Chronological entries


In my personal opinion, I find this app is lacking in the feature department. For instance, there are no free-form note-taking features, so users can't write anything about their entries beyond the parameters already provided.

Furthermore, there are no searching or sorting functions for the entries that users have already inserted into the app. This means that users are not going to have to hunt down any of their old entries by sifting through each one.

Even if these basic functions were provided, I'd still be critical of the fact that there are no geo-tagging features either. Unfortunately, this app falls short on many counts.

Cheese details
Cheese details



Pros & Cons


  • Log the various parameters of the cheeses you taste
  • Share the experience with your friends via Facebook
  • Quick and easy input on the handy iOS medium
  • Enter cheese by rind, texture, and more
  • Also logs the date, title, rating, appearance, milk, organic, intensity, feel, flavor, and much more
  • Add a photograph of the cheese


  • No free-form note-taking features, only parameters given can be filled
  • No way to sort the cheeses by various parameters
  • Search functions are missing unfortunately
  • Geo-tagging would have been a nice touch

Say cheese!
Say cheese!

Final Words

CheeseLog is a great idea for an iPhone and iPad app but it fails to deliver in functionality. I hope the developers take note of my criticisms, and other users' feedback, and provide a solid update in the future.



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