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Our World Puzzle Game app review



Our World Puzzle Game - Master geography by playing is a puzzle game for the iPhone and iPad which enables users to learn about our place in the universe and on the Earth. This game comes with plenty of puzzle sheets in five categories, namely Planets, Space, Full Moon, Atmosphere, and Continents.

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You’ll find this app in the Education section of the App Store and it’s a free game supported by ads. It will take up a good 103 MB of space on your iOS device so make sure you’ve got some available.

Our World Puzzle Game - Master geography by playing


User Inteface and Graphics

Our World Puzzle Game - Master geography by playing has a really beautiful user interface which consists of lovely vivid graphics. Upon launching, the game music will start playing but the developers have thoughtfully inserted the button to toggle music on and off on the top left corner so you can quickly turn it off in case it feels disruptive.

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There are five categories of puzzle to choose from on the main interface, including Planets, Space, Full Moon, Atmosphere, and Continents. Only one puzzle from each of the categories is available while the rest of them are locked. An in-app purchase of $2.99 unlocks all the maps and removes ads.

Main interface
Main interface

Gameplay and In-App Purchase

Speaking of ads, there far too many of them in this app. Not only do you have ads across the bottom of the screen through the map selection and gameplay, but you also have full-page ads which sometimes cannot be closed for five seconds.

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I must commend the app’s responsiveness which is both quick and precise. Users must lift puzzle pieces and place them onto the map of the continents, world, atmosphere, or solar system based on the category they choose to play.

To get the most out of this app, you really need to make the purchase. It can then serve as a great tool for users to teach their children about geography, Adults can also use it to learn where each of the countries are located; something most adults don’t know.

Continent puzzle
Continent puzzle

Our World Puzzle Game - Master geography by playing


Pros & Cons


  • A fun and educational puzzle game
  • Helps engage children and adults in learning geography
  • Comes with puzzle sheets in five categories
  • A free puzzle from each category is included
  • Fast and precise responsiveness to user commands
  • Lovely user interface


  • There are too many ads in the free version of the app, making the app usable only if users unlock the maps via in-app purchases

Solar system puzzle
Solar system puzzle

Final Words

Our World Puzzle Game - Master geography by playing is really meant to be a trial version of the app, which poses very unchallenging puzzles but gives the user enough of a taster to determine whether or not they are willing to shell out the $2.99. Get this app on your iPhone or iPad and see for yourself.


Our World Puzzle Game - Master geography by playing

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