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Papercade app review: take on another person's game challenge



Here's a fun opportunity to take on a game challenge that has been created by another player in the world. The Papercade app can be used on your iPad in order to play someone else's diorama adventure or create your own to share with the world. It’s a mini-game experience that is filled with fun, intrigue, and challenge and because these games are being created by players just like you, it’s always changing. This is "scrapgaming" at its finest and it is being enjoyed around the globe.

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Papercade: Craft & Share Your Own Diorama Adventures


Create a Challenge and Take On a Challenge

It doesn't matter if you want to take the role of the brains behind the game or the player because you can do both in the Papercade app. Described as scrapgaming this is a completely free mini-game experience. Each of the games has been created and customized by other players from around the world so you are able to play original and unique paper-craft style games. It’s give and take though because you’re also able to create your own game and share it with the players. There are new games added each and every day so you're never at a loss for content.

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The app is free to play and use and it has just recently been updated with a number of enhancements and fixes. One of these improvements is the fact the game now loads much faster. Players will also love the new feature added where you can record and share your own video replays of the editing or playing sessions. As an added bonus you can even include a very fun live picture-in-picture commentary. At this time there are no customer ratings or comments.

Create your own customized mini-games for the world to play
Create your own customized mini-games for the world to play

Building Your Game

If you'd like to build your own customized mini-game to share with the world it's quite simple. The way it works is that you can use one of your own photos and then use the built-in game editor to turn it into a diorama that you can play. Instead of using scissors to make a scrapbook you will be using your finger to do all the work. Think about the possibilities the Papercade app allows, you can literally make a game out of anything in your life such as your beloved pet, your best friend, your favorite food, or anything you want. You can get as silly and fun as you want.

Navigating through the app is simple and you can quickly view the featured, popular, and newest Papercade games.

A truly unique and incredibly addictive gaming experience
A truly unique and incredibly addictive gaming experience

Papercade: Craft & Share Your Own Diorama Adventures


Pros and Cons


  • This is a wonderfully unique, fun, and completely addictive app
  • Make your own customized mini-games to share with the world
  • Play the games others have created
  • Use your own photos to make your game adventures
  • The app is very easy to use and navigate


  • The app is only available for iPad

Papercade screenshot
Papercade screenshot

Final Thoughts

The Papercade app for your iPad is incredibly fun and addictive and gives you a chance to really get creative and have some fun with something so simple as a photograph.


Papercade: Craft & Share Your Own Diorama Adventures

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