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SmartTime! app review: access everything in one spot



If you’re tired of running out of time to get your tasks done then maybe the solution is better time management. The SmartTime! app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and gives you the ability to set up everything in one central place and become that organized person that gets everything done. The way this app works is that it takes a look at all your appointments, tasks, and your work hours, and then figures out how much time you have available to get those tasks done.

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Leave Yourself Time

Instead of creating a giant to-do list with no idea of when you’ll get all those items accomplished you can use the SmartTime! app to get a clear picture of how much time you have available and therefore plan your tasks around that. It’s a realistic approach that means you won’t over-extend yourself and at the same time you may get more accomplished than you would have thought  otherwise. Just enter in your work hours, any appointments, and then your tasks. It can even show you when to do each task so you’re not worrying about that part either.

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In the app's most recent update the app was synced with Reminders, iCal, and optimized for iPod Retina and iPhone 5. The app scores a rather average three out of five stars sending a clear message that it's still not hitting the mark in some areas. Customers have commented on the fact it doesn't always work in a smooth manner, there seems to be some bugs and glitches, and it's not always reliable.

Choose your view mode
Choose your view mode

Features of the App

There are a variety of features to be found in the SmartTime app such as the fact your appointments are integrated with Tasks. You can also view the app in Smart view, Landscape Week, Focus, and Calendar view. You can always sync events and tasks with your calendar, you can make calls or send an SMS right from within a task by pressing on the contact's name, there are pop-up alerts for the events, there is a Dynamic Day line that floats and shows you what's going on today, and the app also integrates with Google Maps and your contacts.

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The app is relatively user-friendly when it comes to getting it set up where the problem lies is there seem to be glitches here and there with various functions as users have pointed out.

There are a variety of tools and functions
There are a variety of tools and functions



Pros and Cons


  • Features an attractive user interface
  • Integrates with your tasks, calendar, contacts, and Google Maps
  • There are a variety of viewing modes
  • There are pop-up alerts for events
  • You can send SMS messages and make calls from within a task


  • Users have found there are some stability issues and some features seem to have glitches and don’t always work properly

Integrated function
Integrated function

Final Thoughts

The SmartTime! app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is meant to make your busy life less complicated and I think with some more tweaking this one could be a great option.



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