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Virtual Tennis - Hit the Ball! app review



When I first downloaded Virtual Tennis - Hit the Ball!, I thought it might be yet another tennis game with unrealistic controls and overly complicated gameplay, but I was pleasantly surprised. This iPhone and iPad app only entails tapping a tennis ball and keeping it up in the air as long as possible.

The app utilizes a realistic physics engine which requires that you tap the ball in the lower center of the game to keep things relatively easy for you.

This app is available for free and only takes up 1.8 MB of space on your iOS device. Let's take a look at its gameplay and features.

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Virtual Tennis - Hit the Ball!


Game Center Integration

When you launch Virtual Tennis - Hit the Ball!, your details will automatically be sent over via Game Center and you will be taken to the main menu which consists of four options: Start Game, Help, More Games, and Disable/Enable Game Center.

The Help section will teach you how to play in two easy steps, while the More Games section has other games by the same developer. Thankfully, there is no music in this game, because that would only deter from the experience, in my opinion.

Tap Start Game to get right to it!

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Main menu
Main menu

Interface and Gameplay

The gameplay interface has a background of a tennis court and blue sky. In the foreground you'll see a surprisingly realistic-looking tennis ball levitating in the air. Tap it to get the game started.

Your mission is to ensure that the ball doesn't touch the ground. If you tap the ball on the sides, it will spin and it will be that much harder to tap it again, so make sure you hit the ball in the lower center so it keeps bouncing straight up rather than to the sides.

Once the ball hits the ground, the game is over. This might sound easy but the game is very challenging; I got a high score of a whopping seven points.

You can challenge your friends via Game Center, and post your scores to Facebook or Twitter, but I didn't use the latter option for obvious reasons.

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Virtual Tennis - Hit the Ball!


Pros & Cons


  • Simple interface and gameplay
  • Highly responsive app
  • Highly challenging
  • Game Center integration
  • Post your scores to Facebook or Twitter
  • Free and lightweight app


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Keep the ball up in the air, or else
Keep the ball up in the air, or else

Final Words

Virtual Tennis - Hit the Ball! is a cool game that will definitely help you develop your hand-eye coordination from your iPhone or iPad. Trust me, it's harder than it looks!


Virtual Tennis - Hit the Ball!

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