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OrDo Premium Game app review: classic gaming with modern features



There's something about those classic style games that keep you coming back for more yet at the same time it's always nice to have new life injected into them. The OrDo Premium Game app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a brand-new release that takes on the classic snake puzzle and match-three-in-one style games. Of course it adds its own modern twists and challenges so that the game ends up feeling familiar yet exciting. 

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OrDo Premium Game – extremely new delicious snake puzzle


A Challenge Like No Other

The OrDo Premium Game app is able to successfully stand out and feel unique, which can be really hard to do. This game gives you the best of the match-three-in-one and snake-style playing. You're faced with puzzling challenges and you can spend as little or as much time playing as you like. What's great is that if you have to stop playing you can pick up where you left off the next time you launch the app. The level of difficulty changes as you play which helps to add to the challenge. You'll find this one extremely easy to understand and pick up on but it's really tough to master.

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Because this is a brand-new app there are no updates as of yet, nor a customer rating or customer comments. The game can require an Internet connection. It can be played by adults and kids but parents should note there are links to outside sites, links to social media, and it is supported by ads.

Fun graphics to go along with the addictive game play
Fun graphics to go along with the addictive game play

The Gaming Experience

With the OrDo Premium Game app you're in for a bright and vivid experience thanks to the graphics this one offers. There are power-ups which can greatly improve your gameplay, there are a number of levels to work through, and you can always replay a level to get a better score. In this game accuracy is a big key as is making as little moves as possible as you aim and replace the snakes. What really captures my interest is all the different graphics and game boards. The game uses touch functionality which is smooth and responsive, making for a positive gaming experience.

Navigation is simple thanks to the bar along the top of the screen. I also appreciate the brief tutorial you are given at the start of the game. It takes you through all the rules as well as the game controls.

The game is easy to navigate
The game is easy to navigate

OrDo Premium Game – extremely new delicious snake puzzle


Pros and Cons


  • The game is challenging, addictive, and fun
  • Play through a large number of levels
  • The graphics are really entertaining
  • There are power-ups to be used that can improve your gameplay
  • Make use of the helpful tutorial when you first launch the game


  • If you plan on letting the kids play this app contains ads and links to outside websites

Replay your game anytime
Replay your game anytime

Final Words

The OrDo Premium Game app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone delivers brain-teasing fun that you’ll find hard to put down.


OrDo Premium Game – extremely new delicious snake puzzle

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