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MermaidUnderwaterAdventure app review: swim through the dark while exploring with your orb lights



MermaidUnderwaterAdventure is an iPad and iPhone game in which you play as a mermaid and collect the orbs. There are also stars to collect, and bombs to avoid. This is a very fun game to play for girls or boys, but girls will be more drawn to it as the character is a mermaid.

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Mermaid Undersea Adventure HD


More Orbs, More Light

MermaidUnderwaterAdventure is a unique game in which you explore the underwater cavern using the orbs of light that you must collect. Swim around to find your other missing orbs, but avoid the bombs. There is a glowy port that looks electrified that I initially avoided figuring it was a hazard, but once I had collected all of the orbs I found it was the final orb.

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I enjoyed playing this game because I was able to do it! I’m not a great video game player, but I liked that I was able to tap the mermaid to get her to go where she needed to go, and actually get through the level! I’m sure they get more difficult as the time goes on, but it was nice to be able to succeed.

Collecting orbs
Collecting orbs

Collect and Port

Once you’ve collected all the orbs, you go to the electrified portal orb and are off to the next level. As mentioned above, I was initially avoiding the portal for fear of being killed. Turns out that unless you hit many, many bombs, or the prickly plant at the sea floor you don’t have to worry about dying.

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I enjoy that this game is playable by any child from preschool through to about seven or eight. It is easy to pick up and kids love that they can actually keep it up. My daughter loved swimming the mermaid through the maze-like caverns, and it’s fun because it’s like exploring with a flashlight. Kids love flashlights, and kids love exploring. One of the most fun parts of going camping is running around in the dark with your flashlight, and this game reminds me of playing in forests with flashlights.

Showing the orbs and darkness to explore
Showing the orbs and darkness to explore

Mermaid Undersea Adventure HD


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Fun mermaid character
  • Fun concept of lighting up the cave to explore
  • Collecting orbs to use as a flashlight to see further and further into the cave


  • None found

Swimming to the portal
Swimming to the portal

Final Thoughts

MermaidUnderwaterAdventure is a fun iPad and iPhone game for kids to explore the underwater caves while searching for orbs and stars. As you find more orbs, you can see better to find other orbs and avoid the dead ends of the cave. This game is fun because kids like to explore with flashlights. I have yet to find a kid who wasn’t fascinated with watching the beam of light go through the dark, who didn’t love running in the dark chasing that beam, and who didn’t want to explore. Kids love this game because they can play with the mermaid character while exploring with their flashlight.


Mermaid Undersea Adventure HD

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