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Tripnary app review: put together a travel bucket list



Have you ever sat around and thought about all the places you’d love to travel to in your lifetime, like a travel bucket list? That's exactly what the Tripnary app for your iPad is meant for. This app gives you a way to keep track of all your dream adventures in one place. You can even share your travel bucket list with your friends; perhaps you'll find you have some destinations in common. The app goes much deeper than just keeping track of where you want to visit though, as it’s a complete travel experience in a sense.

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Tripnary - Find great places to travel based on your flight budget


Create a Travel Bucket List

Your Tripnary experience begins with first creating your travel bucket list. It doesn't matter if your list has just one destination or dozens, that is completely up to you because the beauty part is that you can update it anytime you want. Once you've entered in your destinations with just one tap you'll actually be able to compare airfares to them so you know exactly what kind of cost you're looking at. This list can then be shared with family and friends by Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, by text message, and email.

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This is a brand-new release that is free to use and requires iOS 7.0 or later. It seems to be hitting the mark with customers who have given it five out of five stars. Users have described it as a great concept and fun-to-use.

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Let the App Help

Let’s say you don’t really have many destinations in mind and you’re not even really sure what to add to your list. The Tripnary app can help you curate the perfect list thanks to the information it offers. Go ahead and scroll through all the trending attractions and then save any that speak to you. This is a great way to discover places you may not have thought to visit. You can even perform a search in the app and look for something you've heard of or read about. Perhaps it's a restaurant, maybe an art gallery, a beach: it really doesn't matter because it's whatever interests you.

Another great aspect about the app is the fact that you'll have all these thoughts, ideas, and your list at your fingertips whenever you like so you can take a look anytime, make changes, and add more to it. You don’t have to be a world-class traveler in order to find this app helpful and fun.

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Tripnary - Find great places to travel based on your flight budget


Pros and Cons


  • The app allows you to create a travel bucket list
  • Your list can be shared with family and friends
  • Discover sites, attractions, and locations by checking out what is trending
  • File places/points of interest away so you can add them to your list
  • Compare airfares to all your destinations with one tap


  • This may not have enough information for some people

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Final Thoughts

The Tripnary app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone offers users a really fun approach to planning dream trips and really learning about the different destinations out there.

Tripnary - Find great places to travel based on your flight budget

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