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Party Party app review: upgrade your iPhotography experience



If you're looking to add some zing and pep to the photos you take on your iPhone or iPad, then Party Party is an app that you might want to check out.

This app makes for a great addition to the Photo & Video section of the App Store, where it can be purchased for the small price of 99 cents.

Let's get right to its features.

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Party Party


Create GIFs In Moments

Party Party makes a unique addition to the Photo & Video category of the App Store, which is a feat unto itself, by creating a unique photo-capturing experience in the form of stop motion animation.

Users can adjust the speed of the animation to suit their preferences and purpose, and even loop the video. This looping video can be saved and uploaded to Instagram.

Alternatively, users can also save the video as a .GIF file for embedding onto websites.

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Cool user interface
Cool user interface

Collages and Photo Strips

This app can also be used to create Instagram-friendly collages, so all your photos can be collected and laid out in a 1:1 aspect ratio. Alternatively, you can also lay out the photos as a photo strip so you may print it for an authentic photo booth look and feel.

When you've got your photos clicked, they can be customized with filters and frames. There are 17 filters to choose from that will change the feel and provide the right mood to your photos.

There are also seven frames which will further add to the authentic vintage photo booth feel.

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Capture stop-motion shots

Party Party


Pros & Cons


  • Create stop motion animations on a beautiful, swanky user interface
  • Save as a looping video for Instagram or .GIF for websites
  • Lay out photos in a square collage or as a photo strip
  • Choose from various frames for your photo strip or collage
  • Adjust the brightness and contract of the images and add one of 17 filters


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Save and share
Save and share

Final Words

Party Party is an easy-to-use and fun app that can add some zest to your iPhone and iPad photo-taking. Give it a spin if you're in the market for an app that freshens up your photography experience.


Party Party

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