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PopNod app review: give back just by shopping



There's a good chance you shop on a pretty regular basis, especially around the holidays, so imagine if there was a way to give back just by doing your everyday shopping. The PopNod app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and is a new release that manages to pair up all your most coveted brands with worldwide organizations that are working to make positive changes in the world. The way it works is that when you make a purchase through one of the participating stores then a portion of your purchase is donated to the cause that you pick.

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PopNod – Shop Fashion That Do Good.


Shop and Feel Good

Here's a chance to do all your shopping and actually feel good about it by knowing you are making positive impacts to a variety of worldwide organizations. PopNod allows you to shop at a variety of major stores and even small boutiques and then choose what cause you want to receive a small portion of your purchase price. Some of the major stores supported by the app include Tibi, BaubleBar, Urban Outfitters, and Shopbop. This app is all about giving users the convenience of online shopping but with a feel-good cause tied to it.

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As mentioned this is a brand-new release so it doesn't have any updates or a customer rating as of yet. Customer comments are very positive though, as users love that they are able to give back to the community. The app requires iOS 8.0 or later to use.

Feel good about the purchases you make
Feel good about the purchases you make

Shopping with the App

Shopping couldn't be smoother or easier with the PopNod app. You will be able to search for specific items through the stores, check out what is trending in the Featured Feed and Stylemakers, and you can find out about cool new items in the StyleStories section. StyleStories allows you to follow other people as they post collections that may include home decor items, fashion, gifts, and more. The community also features Changemakers and you are encouraged to post all your favorite items and stories as well. Some will even be chosen to show up in the Featured Feed.

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As an added bonus the app hooks users up with exclusive promotions, deals, savings, offers, and even giveaways giving you even more reasons to use it. You will find navigating through the app is simple and you will be able to focus on the shopping experience itself.

Browse through the app with ease and find the items you want
Browse through the app with ease and find the items you want

PopNod – Shop Fashion That Do Good.


Pros and Cons


  • Shop at a number of major stores and small boutiques
  • With each purchase you make a small portion of the cost is donated to the charity of your choice
  • The app is easy to navigate, search, and browse
  • Check out what is currently trending in the Featured Feed
  • Follow people’s StyleStories to discover new items
  • There are exclusive deals available


  • Obviously not all stores are represented on the app

Exclusive offers, savings, and giveaways
Exclusive offers, savings, and giveaways

Final Words

The PopNod app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is incredibly smooth and simple to use and will leave you feeling great about your everyday purchases.


PopNod – Shop Fashion That Do Good.

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