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ENDUI app review: avoid drunk driving and stay safe



ENDUI is an iPhone and iPad app created by the state of Maryland, particularly the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration, which serves the purpose of educating users and helping them avoid drunken driving.

This app is available for free from the Education section of the App Store. It's also a lightweight app, taking up only 1.7 MB of space on your iOS device.

Let's take a look at the features of this app.

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Blood Alcohol Content Calculator

When you first launch ENDUI on your iPhone or iPad, you will be asked to enter your gender and weight. Furthermore, you can input the kind of drinks you've had through the night, along with the duration over which you've had these drinks.

This app will then automatically estimate your blood alcohol level so you can determine whether it's save for you to get behind the wheel. Considering the large number of accidents that occur due to drunk driving, this app truly has the potential to save lives!

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Functions and features
Functions and features

Other Features

There are plenty of other functions and features in this app. You can use the "Report a drunk driver" option, which will immediately call 911, allowing you to report any sightings of drunk driving.

If you find that you are over the limit for driving, you can also call a designated driver, whose number you can input easily prior to heading out on the town. You can also call a cab through this app.

There are two games that simulate driving, and test your reflexes and memory, allowing you to further determine whether you should be driving.

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Test your sobriety
Test your sobriety

Pros & Cons


  • Report a drunk driver
  • Call a designated driver or a cab
  • Contains a guide to blood alcohol level
  • Two games to determine your reflexes and memory
  • Can literally help save lives


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Blood alcohol level calculator
Blood alcohol level calculator

Final Words

I think ENDUI is an ingenious app and a great initiative by the state of Maryland in keeping its residents just a little bit safer! Get this app on your iPhone or iPad if you often go out to drink and would like to do so responsibly.


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