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Flipboard app review: private video sharing


Introduction is a great iPhone and iPad app for sharing your videos with your friends and colleagues online in a secure cloud-based medium, allowing for varying levels of privacy depending on how public you’d like your posts to be.

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I really like the idea behind this app because it offers a slightly more personal touch than a more mainstream service such as YouTube or Vimeo, so if you’re looking for a way of sharing some clips with your loved ones in a convenient manner then be sure to check it out.


Secure Sharing and Storage

Making a great entry into the Photo & Video category of the App Store is this video sharing utility that allows you to create your own channel and share your media with others online in a private and secure medium.

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This app doubles up to serve as a remote storage medium for your videos as well because it offers an unlimited amount of storage space, and you can have as many people follow your channel and comment as you like.

Create your own personal channel
Create your own personal channel

Full iOS 8 Optimization is great for sharing everything from the antics at your office’s Christmas party to your child’s first steps and everything in between, and you can invite people directly via email to participate in your channel.

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What’s more, this app has been fully updated and optimized to work smoothly with iOS 8, so those of you using newer iOS devices will find it to be a refreshingly modern and up-to-date interface to work with.

Choose your participants
Choose your participants


Pros & Cons


  • Share your videos and images with others online in a private and secure medium
  • Provides an unlimited amount of storage space within the developer’s online cloud
  • Capture footage from within the app or import videos from your iOS device’s Camera Roll
  • Invite new participants to your channel via email
  • Create your own channel and subscribe to other users’ channels
  • Fully updated and optimized to work smoothly with iOS 8


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Unlimited storage space
Unlimited storage space

Final Words is well-developed and very well-presented overall, making it an excellent way of sharing and storing your videos online from your iPhone and iPad.

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