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A-Maze-In app review: work your way through the mazes



Here's an action-packed game that will have you working your way through a variety of fun-filled mazes. The A-Maze-In app can be played on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and is a brand-new release that is packed full of adventure. The character you are playing as is a "character" indeed in that he is a teenage Minotaur that belches out fire and breaks wind: just your typical teenager! Now this Minotaur isn't just walking around aimlessly as he is actually on a quest to rescue a princess and he needs your help.

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Head Out on a Quest

It's time for you to head out on your quest in the A-Maze-In app where you will need to work through more than 110 mazes through five different islands each with their own theme. Each of these mazes requires you to escape from it and you'll find that some may be simple and others will feel downright impossible. It's this variation that makes the app feel fresh and exciting, as well as challenging. You will be battling all kinds of enemies along the way such as Greek warriors, mythical monsters, traps, and obstacles.

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This game is free to download and play but there are a couple of in-app purchases available. You can remove the ads for $0.99 and increase your lives for $2.99. The app currently has 4.5 out of five stars from users and plenty of customer comments where they point out the superior graphics, fabulous gameplay, and the challenge it offers. Because this is a new release it doesn't yet have any updates.

Work your way through more than 110 mazes
Work your way through more than 110 mazes

A Fast-Paced Challenge

The A-Maze-In app throws players into the action immediately as you set out on your quest to rescue the princess. The variety of themes through the different worlds if really fun and each carries with it unique graphics, enemies, sounds, and gameplay. There are more than 40 achievements to earn in the game, which helps to keep you motivated and feel challenged. The special effects are cartoon-style, which is plenty of fun. Not only will you have enemies to battle but there will be bosses to square off against as well and they will really put you to the test.

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To help you with your battle there are power-ups, magic portals, secret potions, and even special abilities. All of these elements will give you the edge when you need it most.

Make use of your special abilities
Make use of your special abilities



Pros and Cons


  • The app features fun cartoon-style graphics
  • The game controls are smooth and responsive
  • There are more than 110 levels
  • There are more than 40 achievements to earn
  • Find power-ups and other elements that will help give you the edge
  • Face off against all kinds of enemies and powerful bosses


  • The app is supported by ads, which you can remove through an in-app purchase

Amazing cartoon graphics
Amazing cartoon graphics

Final Thoughts

The A-Maze-In app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a fun way to occupy yourself and features cartoon-style graphics, challenging enemies, and plenty of adventure.



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