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Loopy Messenger app review: express yourself



Loopy Messenger - Send Animated Over-expressive Disappearing Drawings for iPhone and iPad combines creativity with communication to help you express yourself to your friends and family with hand-drawn illustrations as messages.

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I absolutely love the idea behind this app; if instant messaging had a baby with Draw Something then it would probably look something like this! Loopy is a must-have for just about every owner of an iOS device!

Loopy Messenger


Go Loopy!

Offering a fun new way for you to communicate with your contacts is this awesome drawing app in the Social Networking category of the App Store that enables you to use hand drawn messages to message your friends and family online.

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There are four different colors to choose from so that you can produce the effect you want, and when a message is received you can tap the button in the top right-hand corner of the screen to see the image drawn out before your very eyes, a la Draw Something.

Instant Messaging Reinvented

What's more, any messages you send or receive via Loopy Messenger - Send Animated Over-expressive Disappearing Drawings will disappear entirely after they have been read, offering a decent degree of privacy and preventing an accumulation of stored images on your device.

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This app follows a very simple concept and I see a huge amount of potential here, so if you're tired of sending regular old IMs and text messages to your friends then you'll definitely want to take Loopy for a spin!

Loopy Messenger


Pros & Cons


  • Use hand drawn messages to communicate with your friends and family online
  • Messages will disappear entirely after they have been read
  • Watch as the messages you receive are drawn out in front of you
  • Choose from four different colors to produce the effect you want


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Final Words

Fun, imaginative, and just plain loopy; Loopy Messenger - Send Animated Over-expressive Disappearing Drawings is an awesome iPhone and iPad app that definitely receives a strong recommendation from me.


Loopy Messenger

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