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insuranceCards app review: the best place to store info on all your insurance policies



Keeping track of contacts insurance companies and agents can be an arduous task. Not any more, because JcMob Tech, LLC has created an application that you can use to store all insurance cards in one place. It has greatly helped business entrepreneurs to keep track of their policies and contact information of respective insurers. In addition, it is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch , and iPad.

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How InsuranceCards Works

First, you need to create an account in order to enjoy all its amazing features and capabilities. You can get the cards from other devices and store them here without seeking any assistance from IT experts. In addition, you will be able to get full access to the cards even if you delete or re-install the application as long as you log in using the username and password that you used to register.

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To ensure that your privacy and confidentiality is not compromised, all cards are synchronized to a secure server automatically when you are online. No need to worry if you are offline as you can still synchronize them once you get online by just pressing the fresh button located at the right top corner. Usually, the app will display a red color if any of the cards are not synced in the server and blue when all cards have been synced.

Note that any information on the cards will never be shared or rented out to third parties without your consent. More importantly, the server is encrypted using the latest computer technology hence its cyber criminals will never be able to hack into it even when you are offline. You can access the cards from anywhere in the world as long as you are connected to the Internet. 

What Makes the App Unique?

One, there is no limit on the number of cards that you can store in it as long as you are a registered member. In case you phone develops functional problems such as malware that deletes all apps, you will still access the cards by just reinstalling the app and log into your account.

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In case you forget your password, just click on “forgot password” tab to get a link that will help you reset the password and any other details that you would want to change.

It is also possible to sort out the cards depending on the insurance policy. For example, cards related to medical insurance can be stored in together. This makes it extremely easy for one to retrieve a particular card especially while on the go. 



Pros and Cons


  • Unlimited storage space
  • High security detail
  • Ability to recover password
  • User-friendly
  • Ability to recover the cards even if you delete the app
  • Ability to transfer cards from other devices to the app


  • You may be forced to purchase a new app if you cannot remember the specific details that you used to register the first time.

Final Words

InsuranceCards is a smart and reliable app that you can count on to de-clutter your home or office desk. The fact that one can use it from anywhere in the world makes it very convenient and reliable. 



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