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Olaf's Adventure app review: a fun game to play with the lovable snowman



Olaf's Adventure is an iPhone and iPad game that follows Olaf from Disney’s newest princess hit, Frozen. Olaf, the adorable snowman, has adventures to go on, and you must help him.

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Olaf's Adventures


Explore with Olaf

Olaf's Adventure is a game to play with Olaf from Frozen. Olaf the snowman must be helped to find the hidden snowflakes. It’s a bit tricky until you figure out the controls, but once you do it gets easier. Kids tend to figure these things out faster than me, and that’s okay. I rather like it when my kids teach me how to play games.

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You can move Olaf in a variety of ways. You can pick up all of Olaf by taping and holding him, or you can pick up his top half, just his head, or whatever you’d like by tapping on different parts. I was at first surprised when I found that I could pick up his head, and then I accidentally dropped his head off screen and lost his feet. I figured out how to move the screen, which was quite easy. I just tapped, held, and swiped and discovered a whole other side of the screen. I also discovered that I could skip the walking by just picking him up to the place I wanted him to go.

Playing with Olaf

Olaf's Adventure is fun to play, as Olaf is an excited and enthusiastic character. There is a snow slide for him to go up and down, he sniffs flowers, you can play the icicles in the trees, and more. All of these activities are from the first level! Once you collect the 10 snowflakes, you unlock the next level, and get to start exploring many more options! There really are a lot of fun activities to unlock!

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Olaf’s enthusiasm is a bit much for most adults, but kids just love him. My two-year-old thinks he’s the best, and my six-year-old thinks he’s cute. My 12-year-old doesn't like him so much, but even if he did like him, it wouldn’t be cool to admit. He did give the app a try briefly before his sisters caught him though. Then he said he was teaching his youngest sister to bring up his cool factor.

Olaf's Adventures


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Unlock levels by collecting snowflakes
  • Search for the fun actions such as sliding, sniffing flowers, and playing the icicles on trees
  • Lots of places to find the snowflakes and explore


  • Tricky to find the snowflakes until you figure out how to navigate

Final Thoughts

Olaf's Adventure is an iPad and iPhone game that encourages your children to explore and find snowflakes to unlock more levels. Kids really enjoy the hunt, and Olaf is a lovable snowman. All three of my kids from the two-year-old and six-year-old to my 12-year-old all enjoyed this app. My eldest was more interested in showing his baby sister how to play, helping her find the snowflakes, and such, but he still found enjoyment in it. Overall, if the app can attract such an age range, the developers did a great job of creating a great game.


Olaf's Adventures

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