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Happycat! Free app review: harvest the catnip without being caught



Imagine if you were harvesting drugs in your own yard, whoa whoa whoa hold on we're not talking about those kinds of drugs we're talking about catnip! The Happycat! Free app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a really fun game where you will be growing your own catnip in Catland. Now all this might seem innocent enough but the problem is that it’s actually illegal to grow this plant in Catland so you need to do so without being caught by the CEA (Catnip Enforcement Agency) agents.

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Happycat! Free


An Illegal Undertaking

Now you can break the law in a really fun way and that can only take place when you play the Happycat! Free app. In this game you live in Catland where all the best catnip growers live. You've got plenty of fans, you're products are well-loved, and have even won awards. This is where the good news ends. The government has just ruled it illegal to grow catnip and the CEA agents are out to find anyone who is breaking the law. You have caught their attention so now you need to play things smart.

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The app is free to play however there are in-app purchases available. The app requires iOS 8.0 or later to use and currently has three out of five stars from players. Customers have called it hilarious, interesting, and creative. In its recent update there was a tutorial added, it now offers Facebook and Twitter integration, it supports Game Center, the graphics and sounds have been improved, and you can now play all the levels.

Harvest all your catnip before you get caught
Harvest all your catnip before you get caught

Harvest the Crops On the Down Low

In Happycat! Free the goal is very simple: you need to harvest your catnip crops without any CEA agents catching you. It sounds much easier than it is because the agents are on to you and have a very close eye on you. In order to advance to the next level you need to first harvest all the catnip on the current level. There are items hidden in the levels that can help you complete your mission and these treats award you with special powers. Be prepared for some surprises though as you advance through the game as soon it won’t just be the CEA agents coming after you.

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As users have commented the graphics are rather trippy and fun in this game and you’re certainly in for a unique experience.

The graphics are described as cool and trippy
The graphics are described as cool and trippy

Happycat! Free


Pros and Cons


  • The app has a really unique and fun storyline
  • The graphics are unusual and cool
  • The app supports Game Center and offers integration with Twitter and Facebook
  • There are “treats” hidden in the levels that can help you with your gameplay


  • There are in-app purchases in the game

Final Thoughts

The Happycat! Free app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone will provide players with a completely unique experience that is easy to understand yet challenging and addictive to play.

Happycat! Free

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