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Horoscope $ app review: providing daily predictions with lots of fun features 2021



Are you fond of checking your daily horoscope to get predictions about love, money, and career? If so, Horoscope $ is a good horoscope app for you.

The best horoscope apps for iPad

It is a full featured daily horoscope app with exciting features and impressive designs. This app works perfectly with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 

Check out our horoscope app for iPhone review to see if this is one of the top horoscope apps. 

Horoscope $


Start Your Day Right with Horoscope Predictions

Applications that offer daily horoscopes are very common in the App Store market. Unfortunately, a lot of these apps are peppered with annoying ads that diminish user experience.

The best horoscope apps for iPhone 2020

So if you want a distraction free application that serve zero ads, Horoscope $ is your best option. You need to subscribe to this app to enjoy its premium benefits. It offers fun and entertaining daily predictions that will surely make you smile.

Whether you believe in astrology or not, you will notice that the daily predictions of Horoscope $ are pretty accurate. This app will provide you with daily readings about your overall wellness, love, career and finance, and emotional state.

You need to take note though that these predictions only provide guidance so you can harness good vibrations throughout the day.

Start Your Day Right with Horoscope Predictions image

Exciting Features of Horoscope $

Daily astrology reading is the core feature of Horoscope $. It offers all-rounded predictions about the different aspects of your life.

The best horoscope apps for iPad

Each day, you will be given a general overview of life and wellness predictions. Immediately below the overview section is a colorful graph that represents your daily life readings.

The graph shows a predicted reading that rates your love life, wellness, emotions, intellect, creativity, money, and career. It serves as a quick reference that measure your overall vibes for the given day.

Daily lucky numbers are also provided by the application. Your predicted lucky numbers are shown on the top section of the screen. The number readings are very useful for those who want to try their luck on numbers games.

Horoscope $ offers clear and straightforward readings of daily fortune. The readings are presented in simple terms. They are easy to read and quite enlightening especially for those who are avid followers of astrology.

The application has a simple but very attractive user interface. Sections of the app have their own colorful icons. The best thing about this app is that it allows you to customize the icon for your zodiac sign.

Another extra feature of this app is the celebrity birthday tracker. It will show you who among the most famous celebrities are celebrating their birthdays for each day. 

Exciting Features of Horoscope $ image

Horoscope $


Pros and Cons


  • Attractive interface with easy to use features
  • Exciting predictions on love and money
  • Personalized icons
  • Daily life rating
  • Offers lucky numbers and celebrity birthdays
  • No ads


  • Needs Internet connection

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Very few astrology app can match the comprehensive features offered by Horoscope $. This application delivers high quality readings on love, money, and career.

It is an intuitive app with colorful interface and customizable icons. If you want an app that will give daily predictions of your life, Horoscope $ is your best option. 

Horoscope $

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