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STARGAZER 2015 app review: get your whole year in review



Are you the type who reaches for your horoscope each and every day and love to see what it says? If so the STARGAZER 2015 app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a brand-new release that has been created for those with a love of astrology. This app provides users with a one-year summary that is based on your sign. The app is a brand-new release and provides users with information for 2015 specifically. 

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Access Monthly Horoscopes

Here's a way to access your horoscope for a full year, the year of 2015 to be specific. All the signs of the zodiac are supported and the planets. In fact the information is pretty in-depth so you feel like you're getting a more complete reading. The app has been designed to feel unique and professional instead of the typical rather generic apps that exist. It's even helpful as far as information goes and teaching you about the different Zodiac houses. The Sign Decan decoder is a really cool tool that gives you the ability to get information on your secondary ruler. This is based upon your birth date so that it is exact as possible.

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The recently released app requires iOS 7.1 or later and doesn't yet have any updates or a customer rating. The app does however have some very complimentary customer comments. Users appreciate the fresh approach of this app.

Move through the app with ease
Move through the app with ease

An Informative Look

The STARGAZER 2015 app is filled with informative information such as a 365 day aspectarian with the lunar phases and moon sign. Each day you'll be able to check out a brief astrology forecast that includes such information as your best days for travel, business, romance, and more. The information includes planetary aspects shown by degree and sign, plus nodal aspects. Additional features include dates of all retrograde phase dates and planets transit. To make navigation fast and simple you can make use of the zodiac symbols. Where this app really excels is the fact it can satisfy the most professional of astrology enthusiasts or those who just have a passing interest in it.

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The user interface is a bit disappointing in a sense that it's not very engaging. The information is quite in-depth but it would be great to see it presented in a more dynamic and exciting way. Perhaps in upcoming versions there may be some updates and enhancements made in this regard.

The app is under-whelming
The app is under-whelming



Pros and Cons


  • The app is very simple to navigate and browse
  • Make use of the zodiac symbols for quick access
  • This is a complete one year long horoscope review
  • All zodiac houses are represented
  • There is a brief astrology forecast for each day of the year


  • The user interface fails to impress

STARGAZER 2015 screenshot
STARGAZER 2015 screenshot

Final Thoughts

The STARGAZER 2015 app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone makes it possible to access an in-depth astrology forecast for the entire year. The app is easy to navigate and move through so you can easily find the information you want.



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