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iHorse Betting app review: discover a new way of betting on horse racing



Millions of people from all across the globe love horse racing and bet on various tournaments just to make some extra cash as they enjoy the game. Gamemiracle Company Ltd has created a smart game, iHorse betting that is designed to simulate a real horse racing event. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. 

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iHorse Betting


How to Play this Game

Simply put, this is a superb race course game which will give an opportunity to compete and interact with professional gamblers from all across the globe. The ideal to make informed betting decisions to get wealth, stand out from the crowd, and become the God of Gambler in this sport.

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One of the major attributes that give this game a higher cutting edge in the market is the realistic race course tracks and scenes that it offers as well as real-time voice commentary as the horses run on the tracks. First, you will need to purchase a pony and train it before the game to enhance its performance and increase its maximum potential. You can play as a trainer, owner, bettor, or breeder; it all depends with your expertise.

To make the best betting decisions, it is prudent to take a closer look at each horse’s records and the weather conditions. In most cases, the favorite horses are usually too young or nervous. Hence, you are better of betting on a horse that has proven record of accomplishment and experience. If you continuously win bets, you will be ranked as best breeder or jockey.

Best Features of iHorse Betting App

Accuracy is by far one of the supreme factors that make this game phenomenon. The wins are determined by so many factors that are tamper proof. This means that none of the players can manipulate the system to increase their chances of winning.

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Unlike other apps that offer limited options, this one offer multi-betting options hence you can rest assured that you will get value for your time always. For instance, you can bet on Legend horse or World Class Jockey from different parts of the world. It all depends with your specific needs and preferences.

To ensure that you make the best choices, the developer has come up with smooth 3D graphics that will keep you entertained throughout the game. There are also special details and characteristics of each horse that competes on the tracks as well as best suitable distance for horse. In addition, pace featured details can help you to get a perspective on performance of each horse and its probability of winning the race.

If you continuously win bets, you will be ranked as best breeder or jockey.

iHorse Betting


Pros and Cons


  • High 3D Graphics
  • Offers users latest horse data
  • Quality voice commentary
  • Very good user interface makes it easy to monitor performance of each horse


  • Users need some prior experience on how horse racing betting works to get the best results

Final Thoughts

iHorse betting is a superlative game that offer unbeatable horse betting opportunities. It is very easy to use and offers results of race in real time. 

iHorse Betting

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