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World Travelpedia app review: get information on all nightlife sites in the world



There are thousands of nightclubs in the world today. Most of them operate late into the night and offer great entertainment to guests. While traveling, locating such a club can be a daunting task especially if you are not conversant with the street and town at large. Parkour Lab has come up with an amazing app, World Travelpedia, whose main goal is to provide travelers with accurate information on various nightlife sites all across the globe. Let's check this app out further, to see if it's one of the best night club apps available. 

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World Travelpedia - Nightlife


Get Information of Various Amazing Nightclubs No Matter Your Location

This app is fully compatible with iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone. The default languages are English and Chinese but the developer will soon introduce a new version that will support a wide array of languages from all across the globe. Unlike other similar apps in the world, World Travelpedia has a comprehensive database also referred to as Nightlife Bible that is packed with over 30,000 nightlife places such as pubs, bars, hotel bars and many more. The information is first validated before been uploaded to ensure that clients get value for their time and money always.

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When travellng for leisure, you need to find the best travel cities in the world that offer spectacular experience to local and international tourists. The developer understands this fact too well as evident from the Top 50 Hottest Travel Cities that it provides to users. Currently, some of the cities in this list include Barcelona, London, New York City, Rome, Paris, and Los Angeles. The list is regularly vetted to ensure that it is accurate. This has greatly helped this app to remain on top of the league since its inception.

Get Information of Various Amazing Nightclubs No Matter Your Location image

Best Features of World Travelpedia that You Should Know

Unlike other similar apps that only offer theoretical details, World Travelpedia has high quality pictures attached to each location. This will help you to get a clear picture of what to expect once you arrive at the destination as well as make informed choices.

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It also has a ‘near searching’ feature that enables users to get results almost instantly. One of the highlights about the app is that it first determines your location to know the most relevant clubs that may be relevant to you. This means that your iPhone or iPad should be connected to a reliable internet connection for you to get accurate results.

Apart from the Top 50 cities, it has the latest list of Top 30 Hottest Countries that you should never fail to visit in your life. Some of them include England, Germany, China, France, Japan, Mexico, and India. Note every county makes it to this list; the developer has a unique criteria that helps to ensure only the best are ranked here. It is also prudent to appreciate the Smart Map & List mixed view that makes it very easy to navigate and know the specific location of each site. 

Best Features of World Travelpedia that You Should Know image

World Travelpedia - Nightlife


Pros & Cons


  • Can be used from anywhere in the world
  • Provides accurate results every time
  • High definition pictures to help you make a choice


  • You need Internet access to derive maximum utility from this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

World Travelpedia is a very intuitive and modern nightlife app that you can count on to help you discover all amazing nightlife places around the world. 

World Travelpedia - Nightlife

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