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BlogPress app review: ideal mobile blogging tool for new and experienced bloggers



Blogging is the new advanced way of communicating with the ever-growing online community but you need to possess some skills to establish a quality blog for your target audience. CLT studio has simplified this process by creating an app BlogPress that is designed to make it very easy to start and run blog.

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Best Mobile Blogging Tool in the World

BlogPress is an easy blogging app that you can install on you iPhone, iPod or iPad to start experiencing a new way of interacting with online community. One of the benefits of using this app is that it allows you to integrate it with your favorite social media network. The main reason for adding this feature is to help you rank high on search engines and generate massive traffic from various sources. Note that you do not need to pay a penny to have most social media accounts.

The best iPhone apps for blogging

Another major highlight that gives this app an upper hand is the text-image mixed layout editor that you can use to ensure that your blog is well organized. If you have photos on your image gallery, you can upload them directly to your blog in seconds by just clicking on them. More importantly, it works well with various image platforms such as Picasa web album and Flickr.

Research studies shows that most people are active on social media during the afternoons. To save you time, the app has Facebook, and Twitter sharing that you can use to schedule publish. It is also possible to integrate it with Google Maps for geo-location purposes.

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Best Features of BlogPress App

One of the major features that place this app mile ahead of competition is the simple HTML Quick Inert shortcut as well as ability to highlight and bold text in minutes. You can also save drafts when online for future publishing when you finally get online.

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WordPress pages management is another major feature that you should learn how to use when using the app. Basically, it allows one to manage pages and content using latest SEO protocols and rules. This will definitely give your app a higher cutting edge, as search engines will be able to find and tag pages easier.

Privacy is one of the factors that you should never sacrifice for anything in the world. The developer has incorporated password protection feature that allows you to lock the admin panel with a password. You can also landscaping editing mode that you can use to customize content depending on the kind of content that you intend to publish or make public.

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Pros and Cons


  • Fully compatible with Emoji icons and other funny icons that you can make your post fun to read
  • Signature customization support
  • General MetaWeBlog API support
  • Easy to navigate interface
  • Ability to delete comments that you do not like
  • Video demo to help you get started


  • Internet connection is required

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

BlogPress is an amazing app that you can use to take your blogging skills to the next tier of success. Once connected to the Internet, all its features work perfectly. 


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