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Gossip-Hound app review: get all celebrity gossip on your iPhone



If you love keeping tabs with the ever-changing entertainment industry, then you have no option but to get an app that delivers real-time to your phone. Gossip-Hound is an amazing app created by App-Hounds to help gather celebrity news from all across the globe. English is the default language at the moment and is compatible with both iPhone and iPad devices.

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Get Gossip and Celebrity News on Your iPhone

Gossip-Hound is designed to gather credible news from various accredited websites from all across the globe. It then works smart to combine and list them nicely in a user-friendly interface. You just have to scroll the list and tab on your preferred news to read and new pictures attached to it. This is quite easy because the app works very fast.

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Unlike other apps that do not allow users to add their own website, with this one, you can add them within just three clicks. The instructions on how to do so is clearly articulated on the app so you do not need to seek any assistance.

It is also possible to view the various news feeds that are listed in full-screen with a push of a button. This makes it an ideal choice for users who would prefer to view the images fully. Theres no need to keep the news a secret as you can share the links with friends, colleagues, and even family members via Twitter, Facebook, and even email. 

Amazing Features

One of the superior features about Gossip-Hound is that it is possible for users to set virtually any webpage that you like as the default page that opens every time you launch the application. Some of the websites that are already available on the app include Gawker, PopSugar, StarPulse, Perez Hilton, and US Weekly. As mentioned earlier, you can add other websites to receive news notifications from them.

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The app also has a very intuitive interface that is very easy to use no matter your prior experience. In fact, most of the users who have downloaded it had never tried out the app before. For instance, all the emailing or sharing options such as Facebook and Twitter are well-demarcated.

Font that the app uses to display stories is another major attribute that give this app a higher cutting edge in the market. The high-definition pictures will surely help you to understand each story every time you open it. There are news that are categorized in four categories namely photos, sports, TMZ TV, and videos.



Pros & Cons


  • High-quality images and videos
  • Real-time news 
  • Outsource for information from all across the globe
  • Ability to set your preferred webpage as the default homepage


  • Must be connected to the Internet to get real-time news feeds from the various websites

Final Thoughts

Gossip-Hound is a true friend to anyone looking for accurate and real time information on celebrities. The fact that you can share links with friends make it one of the leading news feed app in the world today. 



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