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NRA Gun Guide for iPhone app review: the ultimate gun guide



For a long time, information on guns was always viewed as classified information that should never be shared with the general public. Luckily, electronic media and advancements in computer programming have helped to reverse this trend significantly. National Rifle Association of America has introduced a new iTunes application, NRA Gun Guide for iPhone that is packed with information on various guns. English and Spanish are the default languages at the moment.

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NRA Gun Guide for iPhone


The Ultimate App That Offers the Comprehensive Gun Guide

This app is based on the popular Ultimate Gun guide that was actually a book published back in 2008. This beautiful app will feed you with all the information you need to know about guns. One of the superior highlights about the app is that you can move from one page to the other in seconds without experiencing any glitches along the way.

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Once you launch and select a particular gun, you will get accurate information about its specifications as well as performance profile to help you make informed decision when shopping for a gun. The developers have incorporated a search feature that allows one to easily search for specific details about any particular gun that is listed such as price, size, magazine capacity, weight and other key features that have a direct impact on its performance.

The geniuses behind this app are always searching the web and networking with professionals in this industry to ensure that users get new information first even before it is made available to the general public. 

Best Features

One of the features that make NRA Gun Guide for iPhone ideal is the designer interface that clearly separates the various types of guns in the market. For instance, all rifles are listed separately from the American rifleman variety of guns.

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To get new information that is probably not yet listed in the app, just click “what’s new” tab. The developers have also incorporated high definition pictures to give you a clear picture of the guns. Currently, there are over 600 recently introduced pistols, rifles, and shotguns that you should check out. Be sure to launch it regularly for even fresh pictures and details on newest guns that are released into the market by various manufacturing companies.

The accuracy of the specifications of each gun that this app provides is a major attribute that place it miles ahead of any form of competition. Soon the team plans to incorporate a number of easy to understand videos packed with information on how to shoot as well tips that you can use to choose the best-used firearms from various stores. 

NRA Gun Guide for iPhone


Pros & Cons


  • Accurate specifications of each gun in the market
  • Simple search feature to save you time when looking for a specific gun
  • Details of over 1,000 guns is currently listed


  • It does not really provide in-depth information on how the various guns operate

Final Thoughts

NRA Gun Guide for iPhone is a must-have app if you want to learn about the various types of guns in the market. It is extremely easy to use and the high-quality pictures will give you a vivid mental picture of each gun.


NRA Gun Guide for iPhone

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