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Tennis Coach Plus HD app review: improve your game



Is your tennis game suffering? Are at a loss at what you can do to improve your skills? The Tennis Coach Plus HD app for your iPad may be just what you need. The app makes it possible to record yourself playing so you can then compare and essentially improve your game. The app can be used by any skill level and because you’ll get immediate visual feedback the results will start to show up pretty fast.

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Tennis Coach Plus HD


Be the Player You Want to Be

Here's a chance to become the tennis player you've always wanted to be with help from the Tennis Coach Plus HD app. The app features seven different reference videos that you can use to compare your own playing to. Sometimes it’s hard to improve your game when you’re not sure what you’re even doing wrong. This app acts as your own virtual coach complete with feedback that will set you along the path to improvement. You will be able to record your very own clips that you can watch in slow motion. These can include voice overs, overlay and dual clips, and drawing annotations.

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This app doesn't require any in-app purchases and currently has a rather average customer rating of 3.5 out of five stars. In its last update, which was a year and a half ago, there were bug fixes, enhancements made to its performance, you can adjust the angle tool, and users can now select multiple videos.

Record yourself playing so you can view the problems
Record yourself playing so you can view the problems

A Variety of Educational Tools

The Tennis Coach Plus HD app is filled with a number of educational tools meant to help your game. You'll be able to record your very own HD video and then watch it frame by frame in slow motion to get a full look at your gameplay. When your video is compared to the reference videos it usually becomes quite obvious where your weak points are. Features include being able to take advantage of the digital video zoom when you are actually recording, you can import clips directly from your camera roll, and you can make low resolution clips so its each to email and share them. Your clips can be deleted, split, trimmed, and renamed.

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You've got the ability to play two video clips side-by-side, you can make use of the speedometer so you can see the speed of your serve, and there are even helpful tips and information you can read about. The app will work in portrait and landscape mode.

View videos side by side for comparison
View videos side by side for comparison

Tennis Coach Plus HD


Pros and Cons


  • The app allows you to record your tennis performance
  • Compare videos side-by-side
  • There are seven reference videos
  • Video clips can be shared
  • Use the app in portrait and landscape mode
  • Read up on helpful tips and information


  • The app hasn’t been updated in quite some time

Sharing options
Sharing options

Final Words

The Tennis Coach Plus HD app for your iPad has been designed to act as your own personal virtual tennis coach. There is a nice selection of tools and features but at this point the app is starting to feel a bit stagnant and could use some new points of interest.


Tennis Coach Plus HD

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