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My Tennis Stats HD app review: what kind of player are you



Have you been wondering what kind of tennis player you are and what your weaknesses and strengths are? The My Tennis Stats HD app for your iPad can help you answer those questions by giving users a simple way to keep track of your statistics. There are a number of built-in features all meant to shine light on your game so before long you'll be playing better than ever before. The app can also be used in other ways if you're a coach and you're scouting players and teams this app can prove to be quite useful.

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My Tennis Stats HD


A Versatile Tool

The My Tennis Stats HD app is a versatile tool that can be used by avid players, coaches, trainers, and students. Use this app to support four game sets and track all the important statistics. Before you know it you'll be able to clearly identify your strengths and weaknesses. In total you'll be able to track more than 180 statistics for each player, which means you're getting a pretty in-depth look at your game. The app features the ability to add player names to each of the court screens and there are 10 and under court screens.

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This app's relatively high price tag doesn't seem to be steering customers away from the offering as it scores a very high 4.5 out of five stars from users. In its recent update there was a fix made to the email feature of the app. There are no customer comments as of yet.

Keep track of a wide variety of game statistics
Keep track of a wide variety of game statistics

Tools That Track Your Game

There is no shortage of tools that track your gameplay with the My Tennis Stats HD app. The app is highly customizable giving users the ability to personalize events and player's names, the ability to track the stats of all players whether in a doubles or a singles match, and there are 10 different ways to score the matches. Get a full game report of your statistics afterwards that have been automatically calculated for you and then stored. The reports are shown as the full match and narrowed down to each set.

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There are so many tools and features in this app yet somehow it manages to stay relatively clean and uncluttered giving customers a user-friendly assistant. The navigation bar along the bottom is what you'll use to move through the app and much of the information is shown in full-screen mode.

Much of the information is shown in full screen
Much of the information is shown in full screen

My Tennis Stats HD


Pros and Cons


  • There are a large amount of customization tools
  • Players will be able to view detailed statistics after each game and set
  • There are more than 180 individual statistics that are tracked
  • The app can provide you with an inside look so you can improve your game
  • The user interface is relatively simple to navigate


  • The app is a bit pricey but this doesn’t seem to be holding customers back

My Tennis Stats HD screenshot
My Tennis Stats HD screenshot

Final Words

The My Tennis Stats HD app for your iPad makes it possible to track all your tennis gameplay stats in a way that is in-depth, easy to read, and extremely beneficial.




My Tennis Stats HD

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