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ClockTunes app review: create your own clock faces, slideshows from your photos, and more



ClockTunes is an iPad app that turns your device into a beautiful custom clock, photo frame, and music player. You choose from your favorite clock among the selections, or from the many cool clocks to download for free!

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A Custom Alarm Clock

ClockTunes turns your alarm clock into a great bedside device. Choose your clock from a variety of options in the default list, or choose from the many clocks available for additional free download. Set alarms with your own music or the sounds built-in to the app. If you would like to view a photo or slideshow of your photos, then you can do this on the clock screen too. Plus, there’s a sleep and alarm function, so you can do any clock function in this app that you’d like.

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If you can’t find an alarm clock that suits your preferences, then you can create your own! With simple XML and a PNG or JPG image, create your own perfect clock. There’s a database to upload to so that you can share your creation with other ClockTunes users, and this is how the additional clocks are available free rather than for purchase.

Many Additional Features

ClockTunes has a lot of great features. There’s an XML clock engine, custom downloadable clocks in the clock browser, a photo frame with animated slideshow for which you can choose to use all your photos or select some of the photos from your library. I also like that I can select the sleep sound from my own music player too, as our family likes to listen to audiobooks as we fall asleep. There are so many functions in this app that I find it hard to list them all!

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What I do want to mention is that the sleep function slowly turns down the music over time. This fade out technique creates a more gradual transition from sound to silence so that the jump doesn’t wake you back up. I often turn on my television to drift off to sleep, but the sleep function on my television turns the tv off abruptly. If I’m not deeply enough asleep, it does wake me up, so I appreciate this detail.



Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Select from a ready list of clocks, a large selection of free uploaded clocks, or design your own
  • Clock designer right in the app
  • Sleep timer eases out the sound so that you are not awakened by the sudden absence of sound


  • None found

Final Thoughts

ClockTunes is an iPad clock app that allows you to listen to your own music to go to sleep, select from many different faces or create your own, and view your photos as you drift off to sleep. This app has many features for you to enjoy, and is quite versatile.



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