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Christmas Holiday Match app review: a fun matching game for kids



Christmas Holiday Match is a fun matching game with a cheerful Christmas theme. The game is perfect for kids who are just beginning to recognize colors and objects. The app allows you to share high scores with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Developed by John Smith, this application is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Christmas Holiday Match


How to Enjoy Christmas Holiday Match

Christmas Holiday Match is one of those apps that bring the cheerfulness of Christmas to your iOS device. Designed with impressive graphics, sound effects, and responsive game play, the app can be enjoyed by children and the whole family.

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The main objective of the game is to match two similar images that are displayed on screen. Each level displays 12 colorful Christmas objects like Santa Claus, candy canes, Christmas balls, decorated trees, stars, reindeers, candles, mistletoes, snowflakes, and many more.

The Christmas objects are randomly arranged and you have to clear the screen to proceed to the next level. Although the app features a very basic matching game, it offers innumerable benefits for small children.

First of all, Christmas Holiday Match can develop the intellectual abilities of kids to identify similarities and differences. Through a matching game, kids can be introduced to different objects that represent the Christmas season.

The game can help develop the motor abilities of children. It sharpens hand and eye coordination and helps children identify similar images amidst a cacophony of colors.

And most importantly, Christmas Holiday Match develops the ability of children to identify different colors. The app offers a highly colorful interface which stimulates visual aptitude. If you have a who is starting to learn colors, then this is the perfect application for her.

Features of Christmas Holiday Match

Christmas Holiday Match offers a multilevel matching game with increasing difficulty. Each level must be cleared within the right time so you can proceed to the next challenge.

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The app offers dozens of colorful Christmas images that will surely catch the attention of children. Almost all known Christmas symbols are available in the app from Santa and his reindeers to mistletoes and Christmas trees. The images are expertly designed with high-resolution display properties.

To make the game richer and more enjoyable, the app combines images with cheerful songs and sound effects. Christmas tunes play in the background and exciting sound effects are triggered whenever a correct match is made.

The app records your scores for every level. If ever you reach a high score, you can submit it to the app’s website to compete with other high scoring players. You can also share this game with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers. 

Christmas Holiday Match


Pros and Cons


  • Colorful graphics in high resolution
  • Responsive gameplay
  • Offers dozens of Christmas objects and symbols
  • Sound effects, tunes, and background music
  • Allows you to compete with other players
  • Easy to use with simple layout


  • The object of the game may be too simple for some people

Final Thoughts

If you want a Christmas-themed game for your kids, then Christmas Holiday Match is your best option. This game offers impressive graphics and sound quality. The game is simple enough for kids; they will surely enjoy this app for many hours. 


Christmas Holiday Match

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