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Fit Pregnancy app review: source of all parenting and infant care information



Taking care of a newborn baby can be an uphill task especially to new parents. Newborn babies require continuous specialized attention from their parents and guardians. Fit Pregnancy app was developed by America Media Inc to provide parents with valuable information on how to take optimal care of their kids. It is compatible with iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad devices. 

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Fit Pregnancy


The Best Source of Parenting Tips and Tricks

Fit Pregnancy is a third-generation application that is tailored to provide parents with all the information that they need to take care of their kids. To achieve this, the developer has included a number of essential infant care and parenting tips that are easy and quite straightforward. This makes it ideal for both new and experienced parents who are looking for new ways of attending to their children.

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The app also offers a number of approved workout exercises that you can use to get back your previous body shape after the delivery. The exercises are directed by expert trainers who have years of experience in this industry. Again, these workouts are comprehensively explained using simple language, high definition images, and illustrations to ensure that you never get injuries when doing them.

This review would be incomplete without the mention of the user-friendly interface that this app offers. It makes it very easy for one to move from one article to another no matter the kind of device used. More importantly, the high-definition images make it even easier to understand the tips and tricks provided.

Best Features of Fit Pregnancy App

Fit pregnancy offers the best parenting information free of charge. You would have to pay to get it if this app was not developed by American Media Inc. One of the best features to most users is the simple yet very effective workouts that it proposes. Most of the women have managed to lose all the baby fat in less than two months, a clear proof that it delivers on its promises.

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The developers have gone a step further to include a number of simple balanced diet meal plans that you can use to stay healthy. For instance, the plans will help you come up with a daily and weekly diet plan that will go a long way in restoring your energy and boosting your immune system. This will in turn promote growth and development of the child are you will be able to breastfeed him or her and monitor his progress accurately.

Currently, single issues are available at only $2.99 while the one-month subscription goes for only $1.99. Just like other paid magazine applications, you are required to cancel the subscription manually or else it will be automatically renewed at the end of the month.

Fit Pregnancy


Pros and Cons


  • No Internet connection is required
  • Provides in-depth videos that covers various workout exercises
  • Healthy meal plans to help you layout out the necessary diet plans


  • There is nothing negative to say

Final Thoughts

Fit Pregnancy is a must-have application for parents and guardians who are taking care of young kids. It is easy to use and very affordable.

Fit Pregnancy

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