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Pregnancy Sprout app review: a helpful pregnancy tracker for expecting mothers



Not so long ago, pregnancy tracking involves a lot of work. Expecting mothers used a journal to track the development of the fetus. They also needed to use baby graphs, pregnancy calendars, an organizer, and more. Today, pregnancy tracking has become a lot simpler with the help of an iOS app called Pregnancy Sprout.

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The app takes the guess work out from pregnancy tacking. It offers daily and weekly fetal development with high quality images and relevant medical information. It also offers several useful tools including weight tracker, baby kick monitor, contraction tracking, pregnancy timeline, journaling tools, and a lot more. This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Easy Way to Monitor Your Baby’s Development

Pregnancy Sprout is the ultimate pregnancy tracking app for your mobile device. It is packed with reliable medical information about your condition. The app’s baby monitor offers high-quality images of fetal development from the first trimester up to term.

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To start tracking your pregnancy, Pregnancy Sprout requires you to enter your expected due date. Once this is done, the app takes care of everything. Every time you open the app, you will see a beautiful realistic image of your developing baby at the right gestational age. The images are arranged according to your own pregnancy timeline.

You can access the Doc Says section to view relevant medical information. This section of the app offers weekly information about your pregnancy including the things you need to do in cases of emergencies. Detailed descriptions of your baby’s condition for the given week are also provided.

The app offers a quick organizer tool so you can schedule your regular doctor’s visit. Included in the organizer are some pre-loaded questions about your pregnancy and a to-do list. 

Features of Pregnancy Sprout

Pregnancy Sprout offers detailed information about your pregnancy. The information provided by this app is vetted by trusted doctors and medical experts. Daily tips are also included in the app so you can overcome whatever difficulties that you may experience during your pregnancy.

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This app offers highly realistic photos of the developing fetus. Every week, you can view an interactive model of the fetus that represents the development of your own baby.

Pregnancy Sprout offers several customization options for you. These options include personalized pregnancy timeline based on your actual due date, baby images according to gender, and custom baby name.

One of the best features of this app is the Pregnancy Journal. This journal allows you to record your experiences during your pregnancy. It supports photo uploads and a social sharing option via Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Other powerful features of this app include a weekly weight tracker, a contraction monitor, hospital checklist, a planner, and an essential checklist for newborn babies.

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Pros and Cons


  • Easy-to-use with intuitive workflow
  • Offers powerful pregnancy tracking features
  • Automatically tracks baby development
  • Personal journal that supports photo uploads
  • Impressive database of pregnancy information


  • Lacks a tool for tracking other data such as vaccination and fundal height

Final Thoughts

Pregnancy Sprout is a useful app that offers powerful features to track your pregnancy. This app makes it easier for you to monitor the development of your baby. It is a must-have app for all mothers-to-be.


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