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Snap-on Tools Catalog HD app review: a third-generation way of purchasing power tools



One of the best ways of purchasing power tools is by shopping for them online. There are thousands of individual stores and manufacturing companies that sell their products to clients through their designer websites. However, finding the right tools can be an uphill task especially if you have never gone through this process in the past. In response to this, Blue Toad, Inc has developed a cool iOS app called Snap-on Tools Catalog HD to furnish customers with undisputed information on various tools and equipment. The entire app is just 43.8MB in size and its default language is English.

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Snap-on Tools Catalog HD


How to Use

First, it is important to note that this app is compatible with all iPhone and iPad devices. Hence, you do not have to change any settings when installing it. The developers have worked hard to come up with an interface that is very easy to navigate. You just need to swipe to move to the next page. Currently, there are over 600 pages that are dedicated to providing accurate information on the modern tools and equipment in the markets.

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To ensure that you get a clear picture of how they function, the developers have gone a step further to incorporate high definition images on each page. This will definitely help you to make an informed decision especially if it is your first time to purchase a hand tool. 

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Best Features

One of the major attributes that place this app miles ahead of competition is the high-quality digital images. Most of the similar apps in just give theoretical information without providing any images to help the reader create a vivid image even before placing an order.

Another major attribute is that the database is updated on a regular basis to ensure that users get accurate and updated information. This means that you do not have to purchase or install a different application on your smartphone.

More importantly, you can order any of the listed pieces of equipment by just tapping on the screen image. However, your device needs to be connected to a reliable Internet connection for it to send the message to the store managers. Shipping process is quite easy and very affordable as compared to purchasing the same products from other online stores.

Credibility and reputation are some of the major attributes that online business needs to uphold to compete effectively with other players and achieve their set sales objectives. The geniuses behind this app understand this fact as evident from the rigorous quality training process is used to check validity of the equipment before its information is uploaded.

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Snap-on Tools Catalog HD


Pros and Cons


  • High-definition images
  • Hundreds of different power tools, tool storage, and hand tools to choose from
  • Can work even if your device is not connected to the Internet


  • The shipping details are not provided

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Final Thoughts

Snap-on Tools Catalog HD is a smart app that you can count on to help you purchase technologically advanced power tools. The new 4.0.1 has enhanced performance speed and is less prone to bugs.

Snap-on Tools Catalog HD

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