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Plaans app review: photo documents and survey help 2021



Do you deal with photo documentation and surveys on a regular basis for your line of work and you often feel yourself becoming increasingly disorganized?

The best iPhone apps for architects

The Plaans architect app for iPad can certainly offer the help you need by acting as your mobile assistant. Working out on a construction site involves plenty of information that you'll need to not just collect but also keep track of in an organized manner, and this isn't always an easy thing to do.

This is one of the better architecture apps for iPad as it strives to be the organizational tool you'll looking for that can transform how you work. It's also touted as one of the better architectural drawing apps for iPad.

Let's look more closely at Plaans to see how it measures up to other apps for architects



Use on a Daily Basis

The Plaans app has been made to be user-friendly and is meant to be used on a daily basis while you're out working on the actual construction field. If it's your job to collect and then organize all the photo documents and surveys then this can act as a wonderful solution.

The best iPhone apps for architects

This is a personal assistant that takes care of many tasks for you. Thanks to this app you won't have to worry about carrying around armfuls of plans, a drawing board, pens, a measuring laser, a camera, a flashlight, and the many other necessities of the job.

This productivity app is free to download and use and requires iOS 6.1 or later to use. It has just been through an update where a bug was fixed that was affecting how you upload files to the app. The app doesn't have any customer ratings or customer comments at this time.

Use on a Daily Basis image

Tools and Features that Stand Out

The way the Plaans app works is that it provides users with a way to make recordings of quantity surveys onto construction plans that are digital. The ideal is that it's less papers to carry around obviously but also your hands can remain free.

The best iPad apps for architects-2021

What's cool is that when you take photos you can add text and audio comments so you won't forget any details of the photo. You can then see on your floor plan where the photos were taken.

All of your information is then organized into folders and files and what's great is that this is done automatically for you. The app allows you to export presentations and data management has never been quicker.

As a side note you won't need any additional software. Navigating your way around the app is simple enough as all the tools are well within reach.

Tools and Features that Stand Out image



Pros and Cons


  • This one offers a variety of user-friendly tools and features
  • Organization is made to be very simple
  • The app automatically places content in files and folders for you
  • You can export data
  • You can add text and voice comments to the photos
  • There is no additional software needed


  • This one is only available on the iPad

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Plaans app for your iPad is all about making your life on the construction site worry-free and well-organized and in that sense it seems to be quite successful. 


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