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Kindergarten BINGO: Letters, Numbers, Shapes, & Colors app review: learn letters and numbers in a fun way



It is very imperative that every child attends preschool. Not only does this provide your child an opportunity to learn the basic concepts of education but it also promotes your child’s social and emotional development. Different kids have varying learning paces. Some grasp concepts easily while others take much longer. Kindergarten BINGO: Letters, Numbers, Shapes, & Colors is an incredible application that will boost your child’s learning of alphabets and numbers. The brains behind this brand are The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. The default language used is English.

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Kindergarten BINGO: Letters, Numbers, Shapes, & Colors


How to Navigate the App

After the child picks a certain category, he is then required to choose a player. Kids have the option of entering totally new players or using guest players.

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Basically, there are two modes of play: Practice and BINGO. Practice can be merely defined as a set of flashcards. The kid views a card, speaks it aloud and then presses the answer button appearing at the top to hear the correct answer.

At BINGO game, a child listens to the letter, number, color or shape (based on the category he picked), the BINGO bug speaks, and the child taps on the corresponding item on the BINGO board. The aim of the game is to obtain a pattern of three BINGO bugs in a row, after which a child is awarded a BINGO bug. 

Best Features

Kindergarten BINGO is an amusing learning game app for children, particularly those in preschool or Kindergarten. By playing BINGO, a child gets to learn the 26 alphabet letters, different numbers, colors, and shapes as well. Presently, the application is free but only for a limited time.

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The game provides kids with options of what to learn. These options are as highlighted below:

1.   Select between upper case and lower case letters

2.   Select between letter name and letter word

3.   Select numbers ranging from 1-10 with increments of 10, up to 100

This specialization of the area your child wants to learn is important. There is no need to make your child learn letters over and over again if he is already good at it. Instead, your child can focus on learning numbers which he experiences difficulty learning.

Kids are always fascinated by simple things such as animation and music. The application developers acknowledged this and hence incorporated theme music while the app is being used. However, if you do not want music you can simply turn it off. 

Kindergarten BINGO: Letters, Numbers, Shapes, & Colors


Pros and Cons


  • Provides a fun way of teaching kids letters, shapes, colors and numbers
  • Lets users choose between options to concentrate more on the area of learning they are weak in
  • Has an interface that is user-friendly


  • The application lacks tools for tracking your child’s learning progress

Final Thoughts

Overall, Kindergarten BINGO is an amazing learning app for your toddler. With such an app, your child can get to learn education basics such as numbers and letters even before attending any kind of educational institution.

Kindergarten BINGO: Letters, Numbers, Shapes, & Colors

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