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Tesla Wars HD app review: a fun take on a castle-defense game



Tesla Wars HD is an iPhone and iPad game that will have you gathering all of your strategic thinking so that you can react as fast as possible to beat off the endless attacks of merciless enemies armed with chainsaws, fuel tanks, and missiles!

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Tesla Wars HD


Shoot the Tesla Tower

Tesla Wars HD is a fast paced strategy game that requires you to react as quickly as you can so that you can beat off the never ending attacks of the merciless enemies armed with chainsaws, fuel tanks, and missiles. Your goal is to shoot the sole Tesla Tower that is charged to crush the land, air, and even underground strikes. Bash the black swarm with mines, toxic bombs, freezes, electromagnetic storms, and other special weapons.

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The goal is to perfect your tactics so that you can collect all of the achievements and reward money. You can also challenge your friends to prove that you’re the best at the game. The game does sync with Game Center so you’ll be able to check back on your scores, but also compare them with other players with ease.

Highlights of the Gameplay

Tesla Wars HD has a unique world and game atmosphere, including sound effects with flashy graphics to keep you hypnotized and fascinated with the game. There are an unbelievable number of levels in this game, and new challenges will keep you excited to keep on playing. Each level you will meet new enemies, find new weapons, and realize new tactics to keep the game play fresh, and if you’re ready you can use the special weapons too.

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If you’re stuck in the game, you can boost your progress, but it will take extra resources of energy, perimeter repairing, and weapon upgrading. You can choose your way to play the game, which is different from others that require you to follow a set path. You can use different game profiles to try out your strategies too, so you don’t have to restart if you get stuck or mess up what you were working on.

Tesla Wars HD


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Unique gameplay with many different options
  • Many different profiles so you can try to play through an area without messing up the options for later in the game
  • A different castle-defense game
  • Game Center support


  • Tricky to get the hang of, but that’s why you can create different profiles to try out a move before you mess up your main game!

Final Thoughts

Tesla Wars HD is an iPhone and iPad game that invites you to explore the Tesla energy in this unique castle-defense game full of great graphics, sound effects, and fun options. Many, many levels to master with the option to play more than one profile so you don’t mess up the main game, and fun weapons to try out your strategies with. Overall, this is a great strategy game that will keep you on your feet if you’re willing to give it a try.


Tesla Wars HD

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