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MilSpaceA app review: offering easy registration to DoD space-available travel



MilSpaceA offers easy registration access to the U.S. Department of Defense’s space-available travel program. This app is exclusively available for authorized U.S. government personnel, active servicemen, military contractors, and non-affiliated family members of authorized personnel. Before using this app, make sure you are eligible for the space-A travel aboard DoD aircraft. You can safely install this app on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Remote Registration for Space-A Travel Made Easier

The Air Mobility Command of the US Department of Defense offers a privileged travel service for active duty personnel and their dependents. This is called the space-available travel program. The program allows authorized and eligible persons to travel in a DoD transport aircraft as long as there is space available for the flight.

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The program does not offer any guarantee of flight accommodation. But you still have a chance to take the space-available travel as long as you are able to register for a flight.

Finding a DoD Space-A travel arrangement can be very difficult. That is why you should use the remote registration system offered by MilSpaceA app for iOS. This app makes registration and signup for space-available travel much easier. It also allows you to look for the nearest airfields where you can register for a seat on a military transport.

Take note that the app cannot be used as a flight booking service. It is only available to eligible persons covered by the Air Mobility Command rules. This means that even if you have registered for a Space-A travel, the AMC does not guarantee seat availability or movement. 

Features of MilSpaceA App

MilSpaceA offers a remote registration service for the DoD space-available travel. You can use the app’s online registration form to send your request to the AMC. The app uses your email address for this purpose. You can also fill-in the app’s registration form while offline and just send it later when you have Internet connection.

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The app offers a comprehensive list of airfields and air terminals where space-A travel is available. You can activate its integrated GPS tool to find terminals near your current location.

Included in this app are important resource materials and manuals for space-available travel. It offers quick access to the AMC eligibility rules and DoD regulations. It also offers tips on space-available travel, approved travel checklist, and how to manuals.

One of the most useful features of this app is the timely travel advisories. You will get updated advisories from the MilSpaceA servers about flight conditions, flight changes, upcoming departures, and other important information.

Other extra features offered by the app include currency converter, registration archive, aircraft gallery, world map, in-app contact service, and many more.



Pros and Cons


  • Offers remote registration service for Space-A travel
  • With advisories and updates
  • Allows you to locate the nearest military terminals
  • With aircraft gallery
  • Detailed terminal information
  • Loaded with extra features


  • Only available for authorized and eligible U.S. personnel

Final Words

If you are eligible for the DoD space-available travel program, then MilSpaceA is the right app for you. This application offers remote registration service for the space-A program. It offers lots of useful resources that make space-A travel more convenient.


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