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The Official Universal Orlando® Resort app review: a mobile tour guide for Universal Orlando Resort 2021



The official Universal Orlando Resort app offers feature-rich content to make your vacation as trouble-free as possible. The iPhone Orlando app offers a detailed map with interactive bubble pins to help you navigate through the park grounds and find major points of interests.

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The Orlando app provides a schedule of rides and shows and displays wait times. You can also use this app to find diners and restaurants within the resort. Developed by NBC Universal Media, this app is compatible with iPhone and iPad.

Is this one of the best Orlando apps for iPhone users? Keep reading our The Official Universal Orlando® Resort app review to find out.

Universal Orlando Resort™


Know Everything about Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando is one of the most popular theme parks in the United States offering exciting rides, fabulous shows, night time entertainment, and many more. If you are planning a weekend vacation, then this resort is perfect for your family.

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With hundreds of interesting places and entertainment options offered by the resort, planning your dream vacation can be very difficult. Thankfully, NBC Universal has created an official app that could serve as your personal tour guide when you visit the resort.

You can download the Universal Orlando Resort app for free in the App Store. You can immediately use this app to plan your next vacation to the resort. The app allows you to view available rides, regular shows, and different attractions. You can then create a favorite list within the app and access it when you arrive at the resort.

To find your way within the Universal Orlando complex, you can activate the app’s built-in GPS tool with map. Tap the ‘Guide Me’ option to load the photo navigation feature. This option tracks your exact location inside the resort and gives you detailed vicinity map with interactive tools. 

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Best Features of Universal Orlando Resort App

The Official Universal Orlando Resort app offers state of the art map tracking tool for visitors. It offers a detailed view of the entire resort with points of interests marked by interactive pins. You can tap a pin to see the details of the location. Additionally, the app uses GPS in order to track your location and guide you through the entire resort.

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One of the best features of this app is the comprehensive list of rides and shows offered at the resort. It offers schedules, photos, descriptions, and a price list. You can access the full content of the app anytime. This gives you the chance to plan your Orlando vacation and prepare a budget for the trip.

Another great feature of the app is the built-in wait time display. The app will show you the wait times for every ride. You can then set custom notifications in order to get to your favorite rides on time.

Best Features of Universal Orlando Resort App image

Universal Orlando Resort™


Pros and Cons


  • Offers a full list of rides, shows, attractions, and many more
  • Allows you to contact resort hotels and restaurants for booking
  • Shows wait times with push notification
  • With built-in interactive map and Guide Me feature
  • Allows social media sharing
  • With voice-over support


  • Needs to support other languages
  • Graphics need improvement

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The official Universal Orlando Resort app could help simplify your vacation plans. You can use this app to find rides, shows, attractions, hotels, and diners within the resort. This is a must-have app for those who are planning to spend a vacation at Universal Orlando resort. 

Universal Orlando Resort™

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