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But Not the Hippopotamus app review: the best gaming experience



One of the best ways of promoting your child’s growth and development is by using mobile games. Advancement in technology has led to the development of intriguing games that are tailored to keep children entertained for hours. But Not the Hippopotamus is an amazing iOS application developed by Loud Crow Interactive Inc to provide parents and guardians with a smart way of improving their kids' creativity. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. English is the default language.

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But Not the Hippopotamus - Boynton


How to Use But Not the Hippopotamus

But Not the Hippopotamus is a simple yet very exciting mobile game that you can download on your iPhone and iPad to get hours of gaming experience. Basically, the hippopotamus is the main character throughout the book though there are still a number of animals whom you will interact with as you continue playing the game.

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The hippopotamus is very shy and very hesitant to join the other animals as they have fun in this virtual world. However, as it grows older and continues to interact with them, it gains confidence and courage to be part of the team. 

Best Features

One of the best features that give But Not the Hippopotamus an upper hand in the market is the interactive interface. It is extremely easy to navigate as all the icons that you are required to click on are highlighted. For instance, you just need to touch, tap, and tilt your device to bring this great hippopotamus-based story to life.

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The developers have also gone a step further to incorporate a number of animations that will help your kid to understand the story more effectively. They were meticulously crafted by professionals to ensure that they look like the original characters. There are also a number of turning interactions that makes the app work just like the original board book.

To ensure that your kid never gets bored of reading the book, the developer has added a high-definition instrumental soundtrack that was compiled by Mike Ford. You can increase or lower its volume using your device’s volume controls.

As your kid grows, he or she needs to gain some reading skills so as to grasp all the subjects taught in school. This app can help you achieve this goal as it has word highlighting feature that will surely hone your child's reading skills. 

But Not the Hippopotamus - Boynton


Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly interface
  • Numerous animations that makes the reading experience fun and exciting
  • Word highlight feature that will hone your child’s reading skills
  • No Internet connection is required
  • Instrumental soundtrack to keep your child entertained as he or she reads the book
  • Pronounces the words using “I want to read it” feature


  • There is nothing negative to say

Final Thoughts

But Not the Hippopotamus is a nice iOS application that will equip your child with valuable skills. It is easy to use and friendly to children of all ages.


But Not the Hippopotamus - Boynton

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